The Hocus Pocus house in Salem, MA, lands on Airbnb

fans of Hocus Pocus and in love with spooky season will want to take a look at Airbnb’s latest offering: a recreation of the Hocus Pocus house in Salem. One-night themed stay brings the Sanderson sisters to life chalet from the 1993 film. On October 12, hosting platform will open booking requests for a one-night, $31 stay at the witch’s abode, located in a forest in Salem, Massachusetts. Whoever manages to book the listing first will head to Salem with an additional guest on Oct. 20 for a night of Halloween mischief amid the spooky trappings of the cottage.

The living room.

Photo: Helynn Ospina

The Festive Sojourn arrives just in time for the highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic, 29 years after the release of its predecessor. Hocus Pocus 2streaming on Disney+ from September 30, stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy reprising their roles as the trio of witches known as the Sanderson sisters. “We all know that the Sanderson Sisters story might not have ended when we turned to dust, nor our shenanigans,” Najimy said. “What better way to celebrate the season than to welcome guests to the trio’s historic haunt for a night they’ll remember for years to come?”

Some scenes in the original Hocus Pocus were filmed in Salem, but the Airbnb listing is not part of the actual film set. The sequel was primarily filmed in Rhode Island.

Photo: Helynn Ospina

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