The “Little People Big World” farm is now open for short-term rentals; Matt Roloff Says Renters Can Get Down to Business on the Farm – Ashley’s Reality Roundup

“Come stay a while…and don’t forget to bring your work boots.”

little people big world fans can now live like the Roloffs, as the former family home is now open for short-term rental stays!

According to the rental website, fans can stay at the farm in Hillsboro, Oregon starting this week, but it won’t be cheap. A stay at Roloff Farms will set you back between $566 and $2,906 a night (three night minimum). The six-bedroom farmhouse sleeps up to 16 people and includes amenities such as a hot tub, game room, movie theater, six-car garage, and in-ground pool.

“Any families that looked at the farmhouse but couldn’t figure out the long-term commitment to buy it are now going to be able to stay here as a short-term rental, so I think Airbnb,” Matt said. . entertainment tonight this week. “We’re going to set up the farm for more people to share, for a week or less than a week. So we’re really excited about that.

Those hoping to enjoy some of the more recognizable parts of the farm seen on ‘LPBW’ may be a bit disappointed. According to the rental website, “Some of the farmhouse’s most unique features can be seen from a distance, [but] they are neither accessible nor included in the rental. This includes, but is not entirely limited to the western town, castle, barns, pond, etc.

There are, however, included touches that will delight fans of “Little People Big World”. According to photos on the rental site, a large photo of the original Roloff family hangs in the main entrance to the house, while Amy’s cookbook is displayed in the farmhouse kitchen. Posters of the series hang throughout the house, including a (somewhat creepy) life-size cutout of the entire clan.

Pose for your own “Pumpkin Season” photos with the Roloffs!

Those interested in vacationing at Roloff Farms will not only be able to sleep in the home once occupied by the Roloff family, but also get the farming experience to the fullest.

“More people could actually enjoy the farm and get a taste of it,” Matt said. HEY. “We might even let them use the mowers so they can get a real feel for what it’s like to get the job done. [on the farm].”

Allowing temporary tenants to contribute to the workload will not only be a novelty for holidaymakers, but it will free up Matt to do the heavy lifting himself, which is one of the main reasons he was interested in sell the property to start. .

“…The idea that we’re going to continue to own the farm and I’ll have to continue to maintain it and be responsible for it, which is the part that I don’t like,” Matt said. “Because that’s the part I was trying to get rid of the most, that was maintenance.”

(Matt also has the youngest son Jacob Roloff help around the farmas the 25-year-old moved into a fifth wheel with his wife Isabella and his son Mateo, located on property next to Roloff Farms.)

As well as contributing work on Roloff Farms, the rental experience may also include an appearance from Matt’s ex-wife Amy Rolloff.

“I’m trying to talk to Amy and convince her to come and do cooking classes at her house while people are staying,” he said, adding that the suggestion was actually made by Amy’s husband. , Chris Mareck.

“Don’t hold your breath.”

Turning the house into a vacation rental may also help ease some tensions within the Roloff family. (As The Ashley previously reported, Matt and his son zack have been at odds since they couldn’t agree on Zach buying part of the farm. Matt continued to put the disputed acres on the market and later hinted that Zach and his twin Jeremy were to blame for the sale, which prompted Zach to take to Instagram to call his father a “manipulator” and other selected words.)

Matt said opening the house for short-term rentals would be ‘like having a family timeshare’, admitting it ‘maybe should have been plan A’ as it will allow all the Roloff children to use the farm whenever they want. (In addition to Zach, Jeremy and Jacob, Matt and Amy also share their daughter Molly.)

“The one thing I always wanted was for the kids to find a way to share the farm, the four kids,” Matt said. “And now with this new arrangement, it’s shared because these kids can block out time, family members can block out weeks or days.”

If you are interested in renting Roloff Farms, Click here. You can see a video of the rental house below!

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(Pictures: Instagram; CCM)

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