The O’Hara couple open their mirrored home for an ‘Airbnb experience’

Music, movies, and mirrors are part of an “Airbnb experience” in an easily recognizable O’Hara home.

Mirrors placed outside the house reflect the light and the faces of all visitors who walk through the grounds.

There is also a place to reflect inside.

Filled with state-of-the-art sound systems, the abode is a space where music surrounds those who enter. Guests can relax on comfortable sofas or recline in comfortable lounge chairs while listening to tunes from genres ranging from classical to jazz.

Courtesy of Jesha Prekop

According to owners Martin and Jesha Prekop, this home in O’Hara features state-of-the-art stereo equipment so guests can experience music in a way they’ve never experienced before.

Owners Martin and Jesha Prekop invite guests into their home on weekends. It was once an Airbnb for overnight stays, although the pandemic has prevented these types of accommodations.

“So we decided to host ‘Airbnb Experience’, inviting people to come and experience art and listen to music in stereo,” said Jesha Prekop. “It turns out that we seem to be the first and only experience that offers ‘HiFi’ stereo listening in the country – maybe in the world. And of course being in the mirror house itself is also an experience quite unique.

When guests arrive, they’ll be treated to a tour of the house, which includes original Martin Prekop artwork and furnishings – many of which were created in the house’s large studio. He cut every mirror in this space.

The Prekops will play music on vintage Magnepan 30.7 and Klipschorn systems. There is hardware from the 1960s, some of which was found via eBay.


JoAnne Klimovich Harrop | Tribune-Review

Thousands of albums are available to customers for their music experience.

A collection of 2,500 to 3,000 vinyl records and hundreds of CDs, mostly jazz and classical with some pop music, await the listener. People can also bring their own music. A home theater is available with hundreds of movies to choose from.

Snacks and a glass of wine, water or a soft drink are included. Additional drinks can be purchased, such as coffee or espresso and cocktails.

Guests pay $70 each for a three-hour block of time.

Former dean of Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland, Martin Prekop said he enjoys art and music. He started decorating every brick with mirrors in 1995.

“It was pink and green and it was an ugly house,” said Martin Prekop. “I put mirrors to cover it, and I loved the reflection.”

In addition to mirrors, the couple invested thousands of dollars in turntables, speakers, albums, cabling and films.

“Our house is a lifetime artistic project,” said Jesha Prekop. “Besides art, my husband is also very passionate about music.”

“We hope they come to see it and leave wanting to come back because they had a great time,” said Martin Prekop.

The couple met in the house when Martin Prekop hosted a Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl party in 2009. He invited colleagues and friends from Carnegie Mellon, who invited Jesha, who was studying at the university at the time. They have been married for 12 years.

For most of the pandemic, the couple have lived in Taiwan, where Jesha is from. They returned home last July.


JoAnne Klimovich Harrop | Tribune-Review

Music and mirrors are part of the guest experience at this unusual O’Hara home. An album is reflected in one of the many mirrors in the house.

They had visitors from all over the world.

The home features 22 skylights that have been added to the 5,000 square foot, multi-level ranch house.

“I wanted to make the house a sculpture,” said Martin Prekop. “We have improved the house for better listening. I love records because I grew up playing records. I want people to experience this. »

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