The Oregon home of “Twilight” is an Airbnb



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That metaphorical scream you hear comes from “Twilight” fans screaming upon hearing that the movie’s Swan House – where main character Bella Swan lived – is now an Oregon vacation rental home on Airbnb.

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The hype surrounding the popular films based on Stephenie Meyer’s book series about a vampire who falls in love with an average teenager continues among fans of “Twilight” – even though the first of five films was released ago. 13 years.

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“Stay in this famous cinema!” the listing on Airbnb says. “For the very first time, you can now experience the interior of the lovingly styled Twilight Swan House. This house was introduced as the home of Charlie and Bella Swan in the movie “Twilight”. ”

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Fans who wish to sleep in Bella’s bed will have to wait a minute or two. Hosts say they accept reservations one year in advance “and are currently full.”

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The 1930s home – featuring five bedrooms and movie memorabilia – is in a neighborhood near downtown St. Helens, Oregon. And yes, vampires must be invited to enter.

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“Dine at Charlie’s real dining table that was used for the shoot,” the listing reads. “Sleep in Bella’s room!” Team Edward? ”“ Sleeping in the “lookout” room, facing the front yard, that’s where Bella looks out the window to see Edward parked. Jacob team? – Sleep in the ‘Jacob Black Guest Room’, located next to the main entrance downstairs. ”

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Prices vary from $ 350 a night depending on the day.

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Recently, the popular movies starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson landed on Netflix and topped the 10 most watched titles in just a few days, proving that fans are still rather obsessed.

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