The postman solves the mystery of why the letter P is written on the post

Curious Brits have finally discovered why their mail sometimes arrives with a letter P scribbled on it. The mirror reported that many Reddit users were concerned about what this meant.

One person said: “This is what thieves use to mark your house to let others know you have expensive dogs.” Another user added: “Very subtle Wordle hint: it takes five days and then you rearrange them. Never fair.

However, there is nothing to worry about as it has nothing to do with criminal marks or even a display of dislike towards you from your local postman. The P is an important signifier allowing your postman to do his job properly and efficiently, ensuring that you receive all your deliveries on time.

A postman on Reddit explained, “If you had a package/parcel, it prevents us from forgetting it.” Another said: ‘It’s a way for the postman to remember that when he comes to post your letter, there’s also a package for you.

“It’s so they don’t post your letter and then find out in the middle of the street that they forgot to knock and give you your package. Or sometimes they’ll write P10 or something on the previous letter – that’s lets know they have a package for the next door (number 10) but no letter.

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