‘Kandi & the Gang’: Meet the Cast of Bravo’s New Reality Series

As for Kandi Burress, one thing is for sure, she runs an empire. But it’s not easy – luckily she has friends, family and co-workers, all of whom support her. Bravo’s “Kandi & the Gang” chronicles how Kandi manages her job between being a reality TV star and a restaurant. According to the series synopsis, “Kandi & the Gang chronicles the dynamic team of Kandi, Todd, and OLG as they navigate much-needed change at the restaurant while juggling their professional ambitions, larger-than-life personalities, and their personal lives. After being hit with a myriad of obstacles, Kandi and Todd step in with a plan to turn the tide. With tensions rising as family members fail to live up to standards, a little d Tough love and a lot of restructuring is going to shake things up with the staff, whether they’re ready or not.”

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Kandi Burress

Kandi Burress is a singer-songwriter, businesswoman, entrepreneur, actress and television personality. She has starred in shows such as ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, ‘Kandis Wedding’, ‘Xscape Still Kickin It’ and ‘Kandi Koated Nights’. According to her Bravo biography, “For the past few years, Kandi has made her Broadway debut in Chicago and made her Broadway debut with the remarkable Thoughts of a Colored Man. She started the media agency Kandi Koated Entertainment, Bedroom Kandi, Kandi Koated Beauty, Raising Ace, TAGS, Blaze Steak & Seafood, and of course, Old Lady Gang.”

Todd Tucker

Kandi’s husband and business partner, Todd Tucker wears many hats – according to his Bravo biography, “Todd Tucker is the definition of hard work and dedication. is making a name for himself on a global scale. With his strong work ethic and tenacity of spirit, Todd Tucker has expanded his restaurant empire by opening three Atlanta-based restaurants in less than three years. .As a modern Renaissance man, there’s nothing Todd can’t do, and he proves he has the Midas touch.”

Mom Joyce Jones

Kandi’s mother and one of the restaurant’s namesake, Joyce Jones helps keep the restaurant running smoothly. She also has quite the reputation and is known as “the life of the party with all the tea”.

Nora Wilcox

Kandi’s aunt, Nora Wilcox is also one of the restaurant’s namesake. She is also known for being “fiesty but loving”.

Bertha Jones

Kandi’s aunt and Patrick’s mother, Bertha Jones is also one of the restaurant’s namesake and “Atlanta’s side eye queen”.

DonJuan Clark

Kandi’s “right-hand man” and the general manager of Kandi Koated Entertainment, Clark scrutinizes all of Kandi’s business ventures, including Old Lady Gang. According to his Bravo biography, “This German-born, UNC-Chapel Hill graduate dives into all areas of the business to ensure his success. Following the guidance of his friends and leaders, Kandi and Todd, DonJuan aims to be the next wave of New Age Millionaires!”

Philippe Frempong

Originally from Atlanta, Phillip Frempong has worked hard to develop restaurants. According to his Bravo biography, “He was introduced to Kandi and Todd a few years ago, and began consulting at Blaze Steak & Seafood, the upscale restaurant of the Burruss-Tuckers across town. After his successful tenure there -down, Phillip switched to OLG ‘Blaze’-ing guns to get staff back on track.”

Shawndreca Robinson

Shawndreca Robinson is the hostess of OLG and also has a lot of side activities. According to her Bravo biography, “She has a sharp tongue which can sometimes get her into trouble with management. Outside of OLG, she owns Shades by Dreca, operates several Airbnb rental homes, rents out bouncy houses for children and even teaches swimming lessons. That’s a fivefold threat!”

Dom’Unique variety

Dom’Unique Variety has worked with Kandi on several occasions, at OLG and on his tour. She even performed with Megan Thee Stallion. According to her Bravo biography, “Her dreams of dancing professionally are her No. 1 priority, sometimes at the expense of her restaurant shifts. Dom is close with her best friends at work, Torin and Shawndreca, and her budding flirtation with co-worker is becoming the talk of OLG.”

Torin Mitchell

A former director of OLG, Mitchell now runs an event planning business. But his ties to OLG are stronger than ever. According to his Bravo biography, “Torin has always wanted to see OLG succeed, and with his strong work ethic and commitment to exceeding expectations, Kandi and Todd invited him back as Director of Events in Residence. “

Brandon Black

Originally from Atlanta, Black is the director of OLG. According to his Bravo biography, “He is responsible for supervising the staff, their ever-changing schedules, and managing any issues that arise. Known as flirting at work, Brandon has a new relationship with a co-worker turned fling.”

patrick dallas

Kandi’s cousin and Aunt Bertha’s grandson, Dallas manages OLG’s parking lot, among other things. According to his Bravo biography, “In the middle of the family business, he manages the OLG parking lot behind the restaurant and even has a few hustles, from real estate to a line of all-natural luxury body essentials. Despite his past as a OLG’s resident ladies’ man, Patrick is smitten with his successful entrepreneur girlfriend, Safari Foxe.”

Brian Redmond

Redmond was OLG’s former bartender and is now back in a new role as server. According to his Bravo biography, “Always the entertainer, Brian makes everyone laugh at their tables and on stage where he performs stand-up comedy. Outside of the restaurant, Brian has started his own business and is eager to get into it. its specialty food items on the menu at OLG.”

Melvin Jones

A good friend of the family, Jones is a chef at OLG. According to his Bravo biography, “At the restaurant, he is the kitchen manager, responsible for making sure everything and everyone is running as planned. With all the stress of running the kitchen, when he goes out, Melvin likes to hang out. relax and unwind with family and friends.”

Rashard’s Roles

According to his Bravo biography, “Rashard is the most across-town host at Blaze and now lends a helping hand to OLG to spice up the restaurant’s storefront. Rashard dresses to impress both on and off the job. He brings his class, elegance and professionalism to OLG.”

“Kandi & the Gang” airs on Bravo March 6 at 9/8c.

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