The state is full of good places, stories

After traveling across the state for the past 12 or so months, what stands out more than usual are the following characteristics of Oklahoma people: endurance, dedication, perseverance, and kindness. After reflecting on the past year, here is a list of some of the stories, people and destinations that our videographers and I were able to visit. Most of these stories have already aired while more will hit the airwaves very soon, but all fit the characteristics I listed above.

The enthusiasm and hard work that Jordan Crosier and Stevie Goad put into making sure their customers have fun at the parties that take place at The Candle Warehouse in Sand Springs.

Jacob Keyes, Founder and CEO of Skydance Brewery in Oklahoma City, and his determination to establish and open the brewery in memory of his father, as well as creating a variety of great tasting beers.

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