The Vandal family prepares for the vigil, in remembrance of the four students who were killed | News

MOSCOW, Idaho — Little to no new information was released Tuesday by the Moscow Police Department (MPD).

The MPD said that as part of the investigation, five vehicles within the police perimeter had been moved to a more secure long-term storage location to continue processing evidence.

Blaine Eckles, dean of students at the University of Idaho, provided an update on the situation at the university as a whole.

A sign at the entrance to the Idaho Student Union building, inviting students to write letters and visit emotional support dogs

“It was tough. I will be honest. It was an emotional time for our campus, faculty and staff. It’s a shock to everyone,” Eckles said.

But Eckles says overall the campus is holding up.

“Overall, we’re holding up. We will hold on and make sure we are doing what we need to help our students through this time,” Eckles said.

Still no weapon or suspect, but lots of hope.

On Wednesday, students will mourn the loss of Ethan, Kaylee, Madison and Xana at a vigil at the Kibbie Dome.

“It’s going to be a dark experience. As a community we want to come together and not just as a university community. This is an incident that has impacted our entire community, our entire state,” Eckles said.

The university has launched an initiative to light up the night sky by asking people to turn on their porch lights during the vigil. It starts at 5 p.m. We will hear from President Scott Green as well as Eckles and possibly members of his family. U of I encourages people to arrive half an hour early.

According to Eckles, the solidarity not only in Moscow but across the world has been significant. Longtime rival Boise State University held a vigil at the B last week.

Washington State University also honored the four students at the Apple Cup.

A classroom in New York even sent letters of support, according to Eckles. All acts of kindness that help strengthen this campus vandal.

“You know we have our rivalries within the state, but when things like this happen, we lead with our value of care, support and love for each other. And it’s nothing but beautiful,” Eckles said.

Tuesday marks day 15. Still no end in sight and no closure for the friend’s families. Eckels says the Vandal family will get through this together.

“We will get through this together. It’s the only way to get through this whole experience. We’re going to do this in a way that will do nothing but honor our students we’ve lost and support their families who are going through the worst times in their lives,” Eckles said.

If you can’t make it to the wake, you can watch a live broadcast on our SWX channel as well as our Non-stop local KHQ channel.

If you have evidence that could help the investigation, call 208-883-7180 or message [email protected] or You can support the families of Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves hereXana Kernodle’s family here and family of Ethan Chapin here.

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