‘The Weekend Away’ ending explained: Leighton Meester’s thriller ends with a major twist

Warning: This article contains The weekend spoilers. Like, pretty much all spoilers.

After having watched The weekend on Netflix, you can think twice before booking this weekend with your best friend. Because this new thriller – which started streaming on Netflix today – finds Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester trapped in a weekend trip from hell.

Based on the novel by Sarah Alderson and directed by Kim Farrant, The weekend will attract you right away. Right off the bat, you won’t trust any of the characters you meet, with the exception of Leighton Meester, of course. Blair Waldorf would never betray us. But other than that, after one of the trip’s two best friends goes missing, everyone is a suspect.

The weekend is a mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end, with many twists along the way, including a big twist that comes at the very end of the film. If you weren’t paying close attention and were confused, or just want to know more about the movie before you watch it on Netflix, then Decider is here to help. Read on for The weekend plot summary and The weekend ending explained.


Beth (Leighton Meester) and her best friend Kate (Christina Wolfe) embark on a weekend vacation in Croatia, to help Kate get over her breakup with her ex-boyfriend. The best part? Kate still has access to her ex’s credit card, so the vacation is for him, at least until he finds out what Kate is up to.

Kate encourages Beth to have a wild weekend with her, though Beth prefers FaceTime her husband Rob (Luke Norris) and her new baby at home. Trying to be a good friend, Beth agrees to go out to a club with Kate. Kate buys Beth a drink (even though Kate asks for water) and tries to convince her to cheat on her husband with two guys they meet at the club. The last thing Beth remembers is Kate asking the two men to come home.

The next morning, Beth wakes up with a terrible hangover and a hazy memory of an argument with Kate. But Kate is nowhere to be found in the Airbnb and she does not answer her phone. Beth reaches out to the taxi driver, Zain (Ziad Bakri) who drove her and Kate to the bar, and, with Zain’s help, she learns that the men she and Kate were with the night before are prostitutes. .

Beth surrenders to the police, but cop Pavic (Amar Bukvic) doesn’t take her seriously. The next morning, Beth still hadn’t heard from Kate. Taxi driver Zain gets the male escorts to confess that they stole Beth and Kate’s bag, but they insist they didn’t hurt her. Beth retrieves Kate’s phone and sees that Kate has missed calls, but she is unable to unlock her phone. Beth’s husband, Rob, unexpectedly shows up in Croatia, to offer emotional support to Beth. Shortly after arriving, the police find Kate’s corpse in the water.

Rob returns home to London and Beth has the police bring him to Kate’s body, where she is able to unlock Kate’s phone. Beth sees via Kate’s texts that she was having an affair with Beth’s husband, Rob, who is listed on her phone as “HANDYMAN”. Meanwhile, Beth has become suspicious in Kate’s death, especially when the police find out about the affair. Beth doesn’t know how the police found out…until she realizes her Airbnb owner is spying on her. After finding a hidden camera in her room, she steals its owner’s keys and unlocks the mysterious locked room. Inside, she finds pictures of everyone staying at Airbnb, including footage from the night Kate disappeared. Beth sees that Kate has returned to the Airbnb, upset, after being dropped off by a car. She notes the license plate of the car.

After a run-in with her Airbnb host, Beth asks Zain to help her find out where Kate went that night. According to Kate’s taxi driver, he took Kate to the police station, where she filed a report about the male escorts who stole her bag. Beth doesn’t understand why the police didn’t tell her when they reported Kate missing. Then the police show up and Beth sees that Officer Pavic has the same car she saw dropping Kate off in the Airbnb footage. She concludes that Pavic is the one who killed Kate, and she flees.

The weekend away.  (Left to right) Christina Wolfe as Kate, Leighton Meester as Beth in The Weekend Away.  cr.  Ivan Sardi/Netflix ©2022
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Pavic corners Beth on a roof. Beth accuses him of killing Kate, he says Kate was a bitch, then physically attacks Beth. The two struggle, then Pavic loses his footing and falls to his death. The other policeman witnesses this fall and formally apologizes to Beth for not believing her. Police find the footage that confirms Pavic took Kate home. They also find footage that shows a man hitting Kate on the boardwalk, before pushing her into the water. Police assume Kate rejected Pavic’s advances, took it the wrong way, and killed her. Apparently, he had been accused of sexual misconduct in the past, but the charges were later dropped against him. After being cleared of all charges, Beth returns to her life in London. It’s all over… or is it?

Beth is now separated from her husband Rob, and in the film’s final scene, she drops her baby off at her apartment. He asks her to stay for tea, but she refuses. However, when she goes to retrieve her car keys from Rob’s coat pocket, she finds a bead from a necklace she gave Kate on the trip to Croatia. She realizes that the only way Rob could have this pearl is if he saw Kate while they were in Croatia. Plot alert: Pavic didn’t kill Kate. It was the husband!

Beth excuses herself in Rob’s bathroom and calls the Croatian policewoman who closed her case. She tells the officer that Pavic didn’t kill Kate, but before she can say more, Rob knocks on the bathroom door to check on her. Beth leaves her phone on while she has a conversation with Rob and accuses him of killing Kate. Rob confesses and says it was an accident. He showed up in Croatia because Kate had threatened to tell Beth about the case and wasn’t taking Rob’s calls. They argued on the boardwalk and Rob punched Kate, accidentally throwing her into the river where she hit her head on a rock. Rob says he assumed she was dead, but we see in a flashback that Rob saw her struggling in the water.

Beth realizes that the whole weekend wasn’t about Kate recovering from a breakup, it was about Kate trying to help Beth realize who she was without Rob. Beth reveals that she was on the phone with the police during Rob’s confession. He moves to attack her, but she overpowers him and escapes with her baby. In the last shot of the film, we see Beth walking in the park with her baby, who is finally free.

Phew. What a twist! But anyone who has seen an episode of Deadline shouldn’t be surprised, it’s still the husband.

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