Mighty Melt is closed. What should replace it? Your Suggestions

It’s always disappointing when a popular, local place in town closes. That’s what happened not too long ago when Mighty Melt on Broadway closed its doors after more than 40 years in business. If you missed Behka’s article on this subject, you can read it again HERE.

Now that the space is vacant, along with the building attached to it, I started wondering what would be a good thing to fill the space? Another company? Restaurant? I asked you the questions on Facebook, and it reached over 3000 people, and at the time of this writing there were over 80 comments on the post. Here are some of the suggestions and you can click HERE for all the answers.

A good number of votes came in for Waffle House. I love their waffles and hash browns. The staff can be a problem as they are normally open 24 hours a day. This is one of the reasons why Mighty Melt apparently closed.

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Popeye’s chicken. Well, we have a KFC, and I would welcome competition. Many people think their chicken sandwich is the best there is. (It’s very tasty). A few people also mentioned Chick-Fil-A. Either way I would be welcome.

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Do we need another Italian restaurant? People climb for an olive garden. I don’t think there is enough space, but maybe Denny’s across the street might be suitable?

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Who likes donuts? I do, and they have great coffee too. Dunkin Donuts got a good number of votes. The space looks okay. But I love Best Donut on Limit Ave.

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A few of you suggested non-food places. JoAnn Fabrics had a few likes, or a place like Michael’s. I like this idea. I could see this was another option that is off the beaten track.

New Mahomes Hy-Vee ad: r/KansasCityChiefs

Many of you want to see the place demolished and a HyVee going up. Another place to get groceries, hot food etc. Not enough parking or space, but I like the idea.

Other votes came in for Andy’s Frozen Custard, Cheddars, Taco John’s, Chuck E Cheese, family restaurants, Chipotle and Whataburger. But most of the votes were for:

Mighty Melt Sandwich and Spud Shop |  Take-out Deli or Quick Service |  Sedalia MO

Yes, you want the location back. I heard rumors that someone bought the space and wants to bring it back. It will make a lot of people happy. As I mentioned earlier in the article, the staff, food costs and prices were the alleged reason for closing this place. This will need to be fixed for it to come back. Either way, I hope it brings more jobs to Sedalia and provides a product that people can embrace. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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