This abandoned missile silo in the underground depths is now an Airbnb

If you are looking for a unique weekend experience where you can learn a bit of history too, check it out abandoned underground bunker transformed into Airbnb. The holidays are here and people are taking their vacations and looking for new memories they can make with their family and friends.

You will find this unique property in Roswell, New Mexico. Roswell is a great place to explore some of the beautiful scenery and the rich history. And if you make the trip to Roswell, there is an amazing Airbnb where you can stay.

Just 3 miles from Roswell is the ancient Walker Air Force Base, a former army flight school that was the largest base in Strategic Air Command. While you might think the base was opened because of the Roswell incident, the base actually opened in 1941, six years before there were any reports of a Flying saucer crash into the desert.

The base closed in 1967 and the land was used for a variety of purposes. Many planes are still in storage there and are for sale, the University of Eastern New Mexico used some of the land to build a campus, but much of the base is still intact. People can buy portions of the base and that’s exactly what a man named Gary did with the missile silo on the base.

You can stay in this underground bunker with its launch control center and even get a tour from the owner. Check out some of the stunning photos of this property below and book your stay at Airbnb site.

This shocking missile silo transformed Airbnb just hours from El Paso

If you’re looking for a unique weekend experience where you can also learn a bit of history, take a look at this underground bunker turned into an Airbnb.

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