This Spooky Abandoned Mall Is Beneath a Florida Resort and You Can Rent an Airbnb There

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There’s an empty mall tucked under an Airbnb stay on the Hollywood, Florida waterfront, and it looks like it could be the setting for a horror movie. The mall is called Ocean Walk, and there are still condos you can rent or even a ocean view studio.

About a year ago, a creator on TikTok, @claire.scheulinrecorded the location at the Hollywood Beach Resort, and it went viral.

Another person, @quijosh aka Josh, said he booked a place in the same building and saw it too. This clip from 2021 got over 700,000 views and people had so many questions.

“By far the most sketchy building I’ve ever been in,” you can hear Josh say in the video as he walked down a stairwell and saw a red box with the words “fire alarm” written in sharpie.


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It’s publicly located, but even Josh mentioned on his ICT Tac page, that she is “silent and disturbing”. He also said that there were only certain entrances and stairs that led to it from the inside, and that one staircase, in particular, led to a randomly locked door.

The place is open to vacationers and it has become a bit of a tourist attraction to see.

A YouTuber visited in May 2022 and walked around the two-story abandoned mall. You could see where the food court was, as well as the vacant display cases.

A visit to the Ocean Walk shopping

The mall was built in 1925, according to one of the Descriptions of Airbnb listings. It is said to be haunted, because Al Capone said to have lived there before.

“The whole building itself was a WWII hospital, so that’s where a lot of the haunted stories come from. Sad to see it so dilapidated now, but it’s still a historic Hollywood landmark. , so I don’t see it going away or getting better anytime soon”, a local user written on a Reddit thread on the spot.

While some people go there to stay and experience the unique story, others, like Josh on TikTok, don’t seem to want to stay there again.

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