This upscale treehouse is New York State’s most popular Airbnb (photos)

New York State is home to incredible sites, natural wonders, Things to do and and majestic wilderness, and no matter where you go you can find amazing and unique sights places to stay. But housing in upstate New York Catskill Mountains really turns heads.

Airbnb recently released its list of the top 50-state rentals, and the Willow Treehouse in Woodstock is # 1 in New York

If you have frequented, you may have seen it before. He was featured on our list of “20 Unique Airbnb Homes to Experience Fall Foliage in Upstate New York” and “The best Airbnbs in the Hudson Valley. “Check it out:

Willow Treehouse in Woodstock, NYCourtesy of Avner and Maskit via Airbnb

This magnificent structure, located just 15 minutes from Woodstock, is an incredible couples getaway. It can accommodate two people and is the perfect blend of a comfortable size with an open, modern interior.

Renowned architect Antony Gibbon worked on the design of the house, which has two balconies and a mezzanine living space that overlooks a charming swimming pond.

Willow Treehouse in Woodstock, NY

Willow Treehouse in Woodstock, NYCourtesy of Avner and Maskit via Airbnb

You can’t imagine more perfect place to relax, snuggle up with a loved one, write a novel, or whatever your perfect getaway entails. And it’s conveniently located in the foothills of New York Catskill Mountains – a real gateway to adventure.

Willow Treehouse in Woodstock, NY

Willow Treehouse in Woodstock, NYCourtesy of Avner and Maskit via Airbnb

What else to know:

  • Can accommodate 2
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
  • $ 360 per night
  • No wifi
  • Pets not allowed
  • Other amenities: hot tub, terrace
Willow Treehouse in Woodstock, NY

Willow Treehouse in Woodstock, NYCourtesy of Avner and Maskit via Airbnb

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Of course, Airbnb’s list includes the # 1 most requested rental in 50 states and Washington DC, so if a treehouse isn’t your bag, wait and see what else it has. to offer. Here are the most popular Airbnbs in each state:

Alabama: Storybook Castle BnB

Alabama Airbnb.

Alabama Airbnb.Courtesy of Pagan via Airbnb

Fairhope, Alabama, $ 96 / night

Alaska: cozy Alaskan log cabin

Alaska Airbnb.

Alaska Airbnb.Courtesy of Katrina via Airbnb

Fairbanks, Alaska, $ 85 / night

Arizona: Navajo Hogan by the river

Arizona Airbnb.

Arizona Airbnb.Courtesy of Shanna via Airbnb

Cameron, Arizona, $ 150 / night

Arkansas: 87Getaway Treehouse Escape

Arkansas Airbnb.

Arkansas Airbnb.Courtesy of Caleb via Airbnb

Mountain View, Arkansas, $ 175 / night

California: Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway

California Airbnb.

California Airbnb.Courtesy of Darrell via Airbnb

Topanga Canyon, California, $ 202 / night

Colorado: Cabin in the Rocky Mountains

Colorado Airbnb.

Colorado Airbnb.Courtesy of William M via Airbnb

Carbondale, Colorado, $ 324 / night

Connecticut: Geodesic dome in the woods

Connecticut Airbnb.

Connecticut Airbnb.Courtesy of Robert via Airbnb

Bethlehem, Connecticut, $ 49 / night

Delaware: First small house in the first state!

Delaware Airbnb.

Delaware Airbnb.Courtesy of Ashley via Airbnb

Milton, Delaware, $ 125 / night

Florida: Treehouse in Danville

Florida Airbnb.

Florida Airbnb.Courtesy of Dan and Deborah via Airbnb

Geneva, Florida, $ 180 / night

Georgia: Secluded Treehouse in the City

Georgia Airbnb.

Georgia Airbnb.courtesy of Katie and Peter via Airbnb

Atlanta, Georgia, $ 389 / night

Hawaii: Kona’s 1st Luxury 1 BR / 1B Treehouse Ocean View

Hawaii Airbnb.

Hawaii Airbnb.courtesy of Jeff via Airbnb

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, $ 398 / night

Idaho: Big Idaho Potato Hotel

The Idaho Potato Commission displays its replica six-ton ​​tuber on the street outside the Idaho Capitol in Boise.  It was then transformed into a lovely Airbnb.

The Idaho Potato Commission displays its replica six-ton ​​tuber on the street outside the Idaho Capitol in Boise. It was then transformed into a lovely Airbnb.John Miller | The Associated Press

Boise, Idaho, $ 165 / night

Illinois: the cabin at Ryan’s Place

Illinois Airbnb.

Illinois Airbnb.courtesy of David via Airbnb

Normal, Illinois, $ 85 / night

Indiana: birdsong

Indiana Airbnb.

Indiana Airbnb.courtesy of Eric via Airbnb

Nashville, Indiana, $ 221 / night

Iowa: Rural Coon Rapids Cabin with Deck

Iowa Airbnb.

Iowa Airbnb.Courtesy of Evolve Vacation Rental via Airbnb

Bayard, Iowa, $ 191 / night

Kansas: Cozy Cabin Retreat

Kansas Airbnb.

Kansas Airbnb.Courtesy of Janna via Airbnb

Tonganoxie, Kansas, $ 81 / night

Kentucky: Eagle’s Nest Treehouse

Kentucky Airbnb.

Kentucky Airbnb.Courtesy of Allison via Airbnb

Stanton, Kentucky, $ 155 / night

Louisiana: Historic New Orleans Engine 24 Fire Station

Louisiana Airbnb.

Louisiana Airbnb.Courtesy of John via Airbnb

New Orleans, Louisiana, $ 944 / night

Maine: The Canopy Treehouse, a carbon-free luxury retreat

Maine Airbnb.

Maine Airbnb.Courtesy of Willingly Lost via Airbnb

Sanford, Maine, $ 395 / night

Maryland: Cove Point Lighthouse Keeper’s House

Maryland Airbnb.

Maryland Airbnb.Courtesy of Veronica via Airbnb

Lusby, Maryland, $ 401 / night

Massachusetts: The Pondhouse

Massachusetts Airbnb.

Massachusetts Airbnb.Courtesy of Gayle via Airbnb

Ashfield, Massachusetts, $ 310 / night

Michigan: Fernside A-frame

Michigan Airbnb.

Michigan Airbnb.Courtesy of Holly via Airbnb

Indian River, Michigan, $ 250 / night

Minnesota: House of Wolves Magic Studio

Minnesota Airbnb.

Minnesota Airbnb.Courtesy of Annette via Airbnb

Minneapolis, Minnesota, $ 214 / night

Mississippi: Eco-Beach House in the Trees!

Mississippi Airbnb.

Mississippi Airbnb.Courtesy of Pye via Airbnb

Waveland, Mississippi, $ 124 / night

Missouri: Forest Garden Yurts

Missouri Airbnb.

Missouri Airbnb.Courtesy of Amanda via Airbnb

Galena, Missouri, $ 150 / night

Montana: Meadowlark Treehouse at Montana Treehouse Retreat

Montana Airbnb.

Montana Airbnb.Courtesy of Kati via Airbnb

Columbia Falls, Montana, $ 399 / night

Nebraska: Lazy Oaks Glamping

Nebraska Airbnb.

Nebraska Airbnb.Courtesy of Herb via Airbnb

Plattsmouth, Nebraska, $ 71 / night

Nevada: Tiny House near Las Vegas

Nevada Airbnb.

Nevada Airbnb.Courtesy of Rob via Airbnb

Sandy Valley, Nevada, $ 111 / night

New Hampshire: Treehouse at The Shire

New Hampshire Airbnb.

New Hampshire Airbnb.Courtesy of Christie and Richie via Airbnb

Conway, New Hampshire, $ 113 / night

New Jersey: Cavalier Farm

New Jersey Airbnb.

New Jersey Airbnb.Courtesy of Cavalier via Airbnb

Glenwood, New Jersey, $ 1,300 / night

New Mexico: Casita Don Gaspar

New Mexico Airbnb.

New Mexico Airbnb.Courtesy of Bronwen via Airbnb

Santa Fe, New Mexico, $ 100 / night

North Carolina: Luxury Romantic Treehouse with Hot Tub

North Carolina Airbnb.

North Carolina Airbnb.Courtesy of Melissa via Airbnb

Old Fort, North Carolina, $ 307

North Dakota: Lamppost 15

North Dakota Airbnb

North Dakota Airbnb.Courtesy of Cheryl via Airbnb

Bismarck, North Dakota, $ 82 / night

Ohio: Treehouse Village

Ohio Airbnb.

Ohio Airbnb.Courtesy of Beth via Airbnb

Dundee, Ohio, $ 182 / night

Oklahoma: Scenic Mountain Lodge on Sardis Lake

Ohio Airbnb.

Ohio Airbnb.Courtesy of Beth via Airbnb

Clayton, Oklahoma, $ 229 / night

Oregon: Majestree @ Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort

Oregon Airbnb.

Oregon Airbnb.Courtesy of Alex via Airbnb

Cave Junction, Oregon, $ 194 / night

Pennsylvania: Secret getaway nestled in a woodland setting

Pennsylvania Airbnb.

Pennsylvania Airbnb.Courtesy of Carla via Airbnb

Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania, $ 249 / night

Rhode Island: Farm on the coast

Rhode Island Airbnb.

Rhode Island Airbnb.Courtesy of Mo via Airbnb

Saunderstown, Rhode Island, $ 50 / night

South Carolina: A Pirate’s Life For Me, Downtown Houseboat with Bikes

South Carolina Airbnb.

South Carolina Airbnb.Courtesy of Justin via Airbnb

Charleston, SC, $ 180 / night

South Dakota: Cabin at Green Mountain

South Dakota cabin.

South Dakota cabin.Courtesy of Mark & ​​Mary via Airbnb

Deadwood, South Dakota, $ 179 / night

Tennessee: Dreamy Tiny House Cottage

Tennessee Airbnb.

Tennessee Airbnb.Courtesy of Jonathan and Rebecca via Airbnb

Nashville, Tennessee, $ 99 / night

Texas: Escape the City to the Amazing Treehouse

Texas Airbnb.

Texas Airbnb.Courtesy of Danielle via Airbnb

Dallas, Texas, $ 265 / night

Utah: Dream Cabin above Park City

Utah Airbnb.

Utah Airbnb.Courtesy of Rocky & Gianni via Airbnb

Park City, Utah, $ 196 / night

Vermont: Tanglebloom Cabin | Glamping Nature Experience

Vermont Airbnb.

Vermont Airbnb.Courtesy of Melissa via Airbnb

Brookline, Vermont, $ 91 / night

Virginie: Dream Rock Silo

Virginie Airbnb.

Virginie Airbnb.Courtesy of Karen via Airbnb

Independence, Virginia, $ 195 / night

Washington: Underground hygge

Washington Airbnb.

Washington Airbnb.Courtesy of Kristie via Airbnb

Orondo, Washington, $ 292 / night

Washington, DC: Gorgeous, Large, and Modern 1 BR on Hist. Logan’s Circle

DC Airbnb.

DC Airbnb.Courtesy of Benjamin via Airbnb

Washington, DC, $ 89 / night

West Virginia: Custom-built cottage on 23 acres of forest

West Virginia Airbnb.

West Virginia Airbnb.Courtesy of Jane via Airbnb

Mathias, West Virginia, $ 235 / night

Wisconsin: Off-Grid Inn – Unit 1

Wisconsin Airbnb.

Wisconsin Airbnb.Courtesy of Off-Grid Inn via Airbnb

Fall Creek, Wisconsin, $ 225 / night

Wyoming: Heart Mountain Japanese Hut

Wyoming Airbnb.

Wyoming Airbnb.Courtesy of Rod via Airbnb

Powell, Wyoming, $ 150 / night

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