TikTokers call their Airbnb a ‘trap house’, sparking outrage

A TikToker recently came under fire for posting a video claiming the Dallas Airbnb she was staying in was a “trap house” or residence known to sell illegal drugs. The video, which was posted by Jazlyn Soler (user @jazmarisol1), shows a sparsely decorated Airbnb that Jazlyn claims to have rented for $20.


“When you book an Airbnb for $20 in Dallas but end up in a Traphouse, you immediately leave and book a hotel,” she wrote in the video, which has received over 90,000 views. In the caption, she adds, “It was a horrible experience.”

TikTokers were quick to ridicule Jazlyn for calling what appeared to be a normal living space a “trap house.”

“This is definitely not a trap house,” wrote one user.

“Have you ever been in a trap before?” asked another. Many agreed with the idea, with one user saying, “The immediate realization that no one in this group has ever set foot in a trap house.”

Others criticized Jazlyn for expecting more from a $20 Airbnb.

“Brother, what did you expect for $20?” asked a TikToker.

“There are like 5 adults there and you have a $20 air bnb just to complain and get a hotel,” another shared. “Why are you all like this? »

“For $20 you should have a real trap house,” another TikTok user added. “You were all lucky.”

Jazlyn claims the Airbnb was located in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, which some reviewers say is a genuinely dangerous area. However, others have said that the area is not as bad as many claim.

“I stayed in this area for $50 a night for 4 days, the place looked close to that. I’m from South Texas, it just reminded me of that,” one user said. “It’s not so bad.”

For her part, Jazlyn seems to have a good sense of humor about the situation.

“I’ll record the drug deal next time srry bby Gwrls,” she wrote in the comments, seeming to imply that she saw a drug deal going on near the building. But as one user pointed out in response, “That’s still not what a trap house looks like.”

As one user wrote in the comments, “This is a beautiful trap house for me – the nicest I’ve seen!”

Jazlyn did not immediately respond to Daily Dot’s request for comment via the TikTok comment and Instagram DM. Airbnb did not immediately respond to Daily Dot’s email request for comment.

Update March 14 at 7:36 a.m.: An Airbnb spokesperson pointed the Daily Dot to the guest refund policy and said, “Our team has been in contact with the guest and will take appropriate action in accordance with our policies. We expect Hosts to accurately describe their listings and adhere to our Host Standards.“

Update 7:46 p.m. CT, March 14: Jazlyn told the Daily Dot that she didn’t expect the TikTok to take off like it did and that her video lacked key details about what really happened near the Airbnb.

She said that after being harassed by a group of men outside the place asking “probing questions”, the group arrived at the Airbnb to find a mess.

“Upon arriving at the apartment, we smelled illegal substances being smoked, many bottles of alcohol scattered around and the two neighbors playing loud music,” she told the Daily Dot. “Downstairs, there were men in a corner doing what appeared to be drug dealing.”

While Jazlyn says that in some circumstances it would be manageable, “after our 5+ hour drive we were hungry and just wanted to sleep, but that wouldn’t be possible with our current situation.” For this reason, the group decided to book a hotel.

As for the Airbnb itself, however, Jazlyn said reviewers were right to point out how nice the property was. “In the video you can even hear [my] a friend exclaims how cute the blue mirror in the room is! She continued that the problems were outside the apartment. “The outside… was the real problem,” she said, adding that she didn’t record what was happening outside the apartment for “security reasons.”

The actual cost shown in the video was also a misunderstanding, she said. “The reason you see ‘$20’ on the video is due to the breakdown of the number [of] days [times] number of people and ignoring taxes and fees etc. “, she explained.

Jazlyn said she deleted the TikTok account to avoid further misunderstandings and was personally resolving the issue with Airbnb. “I’m just glad we’re having the conversation with Airbnb,” she said. “I’ve booked many airbnbs and mostly had good experiences.”

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*First published: March 13, 2022, 10:21 a.m. CDT

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