Top 5 Home Kits Under $50,000: Best Homes in a Box


  • 600 square feet, plus 600 square feet of loft
  • 30 feet long
  • Bed and bath capacities depend on buyer
  • Price: $32,815

This kit house offers a spacious cabin suitable for any environment. It’s sturdy, crafted with a mortise and tenon wood frame, and it can be configured into just about anything – a guesthouse, workshop, cabin, or even an art studio. It is customizable in four different sizes: 20×30 feet, 20×40 feet, 24×30 feet and 24×40 feet.

According to Father’s Day sale prices, the 20×30-foot kit is $23,149 for the frame alone and $32,069 for the complete pre-cut kit with a waterproof shell. You receive a pre-cut post and beam frame, rafters and floor system for the frame option only. In the complete pre-cut kit, you get the frame kit plus siding, roofing, doors and windows. The three-season and four-season kits are intended for locations with adverse weather conditions. The three-season option prepares the cabin for interior finishing with a complete pre-cut kit, a vapor barrier that protects against moisture, insects and rodents, and an insulated floor system. The Vermont Cabin would cost $32,815 with the three-season package.

The four-season pack would cost $44,899 and include everything in all three seasons, plus high R-value roof and wall insulation, thermally glazed doors and windows, and pine interior cladding. For a structure, you have the option to choose from kits ranging from $23,149 to $44,899 depending on your needs and budget. In each option, you receive a roughly sawn post and beam framework, the blueprints for the project, organized pieces that match the blueprints, and all the hardware needed to assemble the house.

Although the Vermont Cabin was the top pick, it wasn’t the only model from the Jamaica Cottage Shop that caught my eye. The shop specializes in versatile, affordable and sturdy homes, selling pre-cut kits with the frame only, complete pack, three season pack, four season pack and fully assembled version. You can choose what you need according to your budget. If the Vermont Cabin is out of your price range, check out the Vermont Cottage series which has smaller overall sizes, but the same feel for a lower price.

The company ships up to 300 miles from its factory in southern Vermont. Their smallest 8 x 12 foot cross-gable tiny house costs just $2,769 for the frame kit only and $7,609 to arrive at your door fully assembled. Their solar cabin measures 14 x 20 feet and has four-season insulation, plumbing, electricity and a wood stove, all included in the Father’s Day sale price of $49,027. You can also buy the plans alone for each house for around $100.


  • Easy-to-follow DIY plans
  • Wide range of offers for all prices
  • Designed to be installed on a concrete slab, but you can purchase a floor system if installing on a basement
  • Plans easily configurable on site

The inconvenients

  • This model cannot be assembled off-site and shipped to you, although other models may
  • Father’s Day sale prices only last until June 20
  • Stairs are not included (ladder only) and the stair system kit costs an additional $2,255.
  • The loft weight rating is 10 lbs per square foot, so you need to take that into account

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