TV station predicts snowfall for most of Minnesota

At this time of year, we’re used to seeing snow in the forecast, but leave it up to one TV channel to predict our latest snowfall in the most typical Minnesota fashion.

Snow in the North Star State in November and December is about as common as encountering a red light at any of the 216 red lights along West Circle Drive here in Rochester. So I guess anticipating more white stuff – even if it’s one of our first snowfalls of the season – can get a bit monotonous.

But not for the weather team at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. While ALL media outlets across the 10,000 Lakes Nation included the latest winter weather advisory (or winter storm warning for parts of Minnesota north and east of Rochester), they went further and describes possible snow amounts in the most Minnesota way. possible.

According to a graph on the The WCCO social media pages were posted on Monday evening titled “Do You Need To Worry About The Snow Tuesday (translated to Minnesotan)”, the caption for the northwestern part of the state that will likely miss snow this time was “Yeah, no”.

Meanwhile, the part of the state included in the snow advisory was titled “No, yeah” and the small part of northwestern Wisconsin (where the lake effect could dump a lot more white stuff) was titled “Aw, jeez”.

Ha! That’s pretty much how Minnesota talks about snow, right? Heck, it seems the only thing missing was the usual “Uff da!” (which is getting a bit dated these days) or “Ope!” (which is now ridiculously overused, am I right?)

Check it out below. And while we now have snow, keep scrolling for some of Minnesota’s 11 perfect Airbnbs to stay in this winter, plus some things we really DON’T like about winter, too.

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