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Airbnb on Monday announced some upcoming changes to its services, including updates to its pricing strategies and guest checkout experience.

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According an Airbnb press release, they announced four new changes that will go into effect over the next few months. Changes include pricing tools for hosts, improvements to guest payment, total price display, and search ranking by prioritizing total price.

According the washington post, Airbnb will begin in December offering users the choice of seeing a listing’s total price displayed in advance, which would include cleaning fees and service charges, but not taxes. It will also be available to be displayed on the map, in filters, and on the listing page.

According The New York TimesAirbnb will prioritize the total price of a stay over the price per night in its search algorithm.

“This means that for similar listings in the same area, the ones that offer the best quality and the best total prices will rank higher in search results,” Airbnb said in the press release.

Airbnb will also tell hosts that any requests they have for visitors to leave are clear and reasonable before booking to stay there, according to the washington post.

“Guests shouldn’t have to perform unreasonable payment tasks like stripping beds, doing laundry, or vacuuming when they leave their Airbnb. But we think it’s reasonable to ask guests to turn off lights, throwing food in the trash and locking doors, as they would when leaving their own home,” said Airbnb in the press release.

Finally, Airbnb said in the press release that it will provide hosts with new pricing and discount tools starting in early 2023. Airbnb chief executive Brian Chesky said on Twitter that Airbnb started as an affordable alternative to hotels, so they want to make properties more affordable for customers.

“During these difficult economic times, we need to help our hosts provide you with great value,” said Chesky on Twitter.

“We will provide hosts with new pricing and discount tools to help them understand the final price guests pay and how to price competitively. We hope these changes will help Hosts be more successful and provide even more value for guests,” said Airbnb in the press release.

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