30 photos that perfectly sum up the “80s interior” as shared on this Instagram page

The 80s were a fascinating decade. It was a time of excess, bold attitudes and bold colors. A period when artists dared to dream in all possible directions, and cultural icons did not hold back with their unleashed creative forces. But while the 80s are widely known as the golden age of Western culture, which blessed us with many gifts, let’s face it, it was also weird. Especially stylistically.

It’s easy to look at the decade’s design choices, whether it’s clothing, gadgets or decor, and know it was a completely different era. But once you look past the weird, the mean and the mean, you can find a certain charm in its audacity. Luckily, there’s an Instagram account that goes out of its way to showcase a great selection of the decade’s best.

Enter “80’s interior” the project, which with its 381 thousand offers followers a peek inside “70s rooms.” The account is full of bright and colorful interiors, which are the complete opposite of the fashionable obsession with minimalism, where everything is carefully arranged. We’ve collected some unique examples to give you your daily dose of inspiration, so keep scrolling! Be sure to vote for your favorites and let us know which ones you liked best in the comments.

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