V7_underground by U/U studio soon to open in prague

V7_underground: transforming a forbidden zone into a safe and dynamic hub

Czech U/U studio and re_place are finalizing, in cooperation with the municipality of prague 7, the revitalization of the neglected underpasses at the vltavská intersection – transforming the once off-limits area into a vibrant, barrier-free meeting place. including a skate arena, basketball court, cafe with amphitheater, new concrete floors, painted murals and 24/7 lighting, the V7_underground project presents itself as a family-friendly and safe park for all . to the surprise of the U/U studio, the space has already been a huge success before its official opening – attracting hundreds of visitors every day.

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still at the ‘trinity’ of sport, music and the visual arts, the teams at U/U studio and re_place wanted to attract a wide range of residents and visitors to a place where no one wants to go or is afraid to go. ‘we have had no intention of building another closed skate park. we have mapped the needs of everyone – women and men across generations. at one point, [their needs] crossed paths. only open sharing – in this case, sports venue sharing – has a chance of arousing empathy and respect in people in the stressful contours of contemporary big cities,‘ comments studio U/U. you can see the works of U/U studio hereto be placed here.

prague has a new skatepark v7_underground 2
V7_underground combines leisure and sporting activities in a family park that is lit 24/7

celebrate urban life with “light” and colorful designs

architects and authorities, however, first faced – and quickly resolved – a challenge when designing the space: ‘no one had experience of a park combining skateboarding, bouldering and basketball, operating not behind a fence but on an open haul road. in the maze of rules, we searched together – and found – a solution that can be considered as a “sample” for other similar projects. in other words, they managed to elevate the positives of traffic while suppressing its negatives.

vltavská street is one of the most important nodes in prague – desirable with its permanent movement and heavily burdened by its externalities (noise, smog, etc.). the latter has been thwarted by adopting a ‘lightweight’ design approach, ie by introducing sports activities that do not require complex and costly infrastructures. ‘we discover dead zones in the city and search for their hidden potential. we never wanted to tear down and build new solutions. we rely on low costs and fine tuning,’ explain the architects. as a finishing touch, to elevate and humanize the lightness of the structural layout, a vibrant color palette runs across the concrete surfaces for riders, players and passers-by to enjoy.

prague has a new skatepark v7_underground 4
The U/U studio has designed a well-lit park that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

'V7_underground' will soon open a new sports and leisure park in prague
the colorful elements inject new energy into the long-standing concrete

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