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A Milanese businessman who took a risk and opened a confectionery amid a global coronavirus pandemic, doesn’t regret his decision.

Eric Folz was sitting in his office at 11 Church Street in Milan when he decided to try and make some money from the small building.

Folz’s girlfriend, Pepper Richardson, had always dreamed of having a candy store, so they opened Village Confections in December 2020.

Richardson had previously made candy with her grandmother in her youth, Folz said.

“It was something she wanted to do,” he said.

Folz already had a lot of experience operating culinary retail stores and restaurants, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

He owns the Cravins restaurant in New London; Cold Creek Cafe in Castalia and Invention Restaurant in Milan.

Folz also has a food stand that he takes to fairs and festivals in the area.

While Folz said he was mildly concerned about starting a new business as the country grapples with the pandemic, the store quickly proved to be a success.

Village Confections in Milan offers a variety of sweet treats.(Submitted)

Since the store opened just before the holidays, customers have gathered to purchase a wide variety of candies, bulk goods and other items.

“During the holidays, homemade buckeyes are by far one of the biggest sellers,” Folz said.

“Everyone who comes loves it,” he said. “We did very well for Christmas.”

After 10 months of selling candy, Folz said he was holding on.

“We’ve definitely gathered a following,” he said.

When time permits, Folz and Richardson work alongside their employees at the store.

However, he said his schedule didn’t allow for much overtime.

In addition to the buckeyes, customers love the store’s “Cocoa Bombs,” which come in a variety of flavors and are usually dunked in a glass of milk, Folz said.

“There are so many flavors,” he said of Cocoa Bombs.

Folz said the store also sells unicorn flavor bombs that look like colorful confetti.

“They’re really neat,” he said of the unicorn candies.

Folz said Richardson particularly enjoys making glass candies.

The couple started selling the candy at restaurants in Folz before opening the candy store.

Earlier this summer, a Cleveland News channel featured Village Connections, which helped raise awareness for the store, Folz said.

Now people from all over are stopping by, not only to buy sweets, but also to buy locally branded goods such as honey, pasta, jelly, nuts and more, he said. .

“They say it saves them a trip to Amish country or Planktown,” Folz said.

As there is not enough space to add tables and chairs, Folz considered adding outdoor seating next year.

Folz also explored setting up outdoor seating this year, but said he simply lacked “time and energy”.

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