Watch the trailer for the Snapchat series “Charli Vs Dixie”

The D’Amelio sisters are generally supportive of each other, but everything is changing in their new show. TikTok superstars will face off in an all-new series of competitions for Snapchat, and with $ 50,000 up for grabs, things are getting a lot more brutal than fans might expect. For a taste of sibling rivalry, check out the Charli vs. Dixie Trailer for the Snapchat series, which features plenty of famous guests, totally out of the ordinary challenges, a huge charitable donation, and, of course, tons of gossip.

The general idea of Charli vs. Dixie is super simple: Each episode will see the two sisters go head-to-head in a different challenge, and Dixie and Charli’s competitive workouts are sure to heat up and bring drama. The high-energy trailer for the new series shows the sisters bombarding each other with dodgeballs, battling with giant foam rods, and showing off their archery skills with a bit of target practice. Through it all, Dixie and Charli burn each other with brutal burns. “I’m Ten Disturbing you,” Dixie chuckled cheekily at her sister at one point. Later Dixie says, “I wish we could work together,” but Charli immediately retaliates, “I don’t.”

While the competition can be fierce, in the end, Dixie and Charli are both fighting for good causes. The grand prize of $ 50,000 will go to the charity of the winner’s choice – Dixie plays for the mental health organization Active Minds and Charli plays for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

It also looks like there will be a big dose of family awkwardness, as one of the challenges is for Dixie and Charli to let their parents read their recent texts. Check out the full trailer below:

The trailer also gives a glimpse of all the famous faces that will animate the competitions. Gigi Gorgeous and stylist Johnny Wujek will judge a fashion design challenge, HGTV star Rachel Taylor will honor the sister who can best demolish a room, Kenzie Ziegler will choose the best cake decorator and twin brothers Jack and James Wright will join the D’Amelios for a dodge ball tournament. To top it off, Scott Evans will be hosting a family game night that’s sure to get spicy.

Charli vs. Dixie will premiere on Saturday, November 13. You can check it by go to the show’s Snapchat profile page. The 10-episode series will release new episodes every other day, with the finale airing Wednesday, December 1.

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