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(WSVN) – A South Florida woman has done a good deed after finding expensive jewelry. Now just “Watch what happens” when she returned them to their rightful owner. Kevin Ozebek reports from 7.

There are two things in life that Michelle Bucur is passionate about: rescuing homeless animals…

Michelle Bucur: “So right now I have three host families. One of them is Hunter. (to Hunter) You’re so nice. I love you.”

And Tesla.

Michelle Bucur: “I have 10 Teslas.”

In her spare time, Michelle volunteers at Wonder Paws Animal Rescue in Fort Lauderdale.

She also rents her Star Wars-themed Teslas through a rental service called Turo.

Michelle Bucur: “Which is a peer-to-peer rental platform similar to Airbnb, but instead of for homes, it’s for vehicles.”

Over Christmas vacation, Michelle rented a Tesla Model Y from a man in Boca Raton. At the end of the rental period, she picked up the car and took it straight to a car wash.

Michelle Bucur: “Long story short, a week later the previous guest contacted me and let me know that he had lost some of his stuff, and if we had found it. In fact, I hadn’t seen them.

The car had already been rented to a new guest, who told Michelle there was nothing in the car.

She then called the car wash… and received good news.

Michelle Bucur: “They said, ‘Oh yeah, we found watches on the side of the door and put them in the glove compartment. “”

Michelle wanted to keep the watches safe until she could get her car back, so she used the Tesla app on her phone to lock the car’s glove box.

When she finally got her hands on the watches, she realized that she was in possession of some rather expensive timepieces.

Michelle Bucur: “They turned out to be super high end watches with a combined value of over $100,000.”

They definitely were. It was a Rolex and an Audemars Piguet.

The owner told Michelle that although they are expensive, their sentimental value is far greater.

Michelle Bucur: “One had been given by her mother, who now suffered from Alzheimer’s.”

Michelle says he offered her a finder’s fee for returning the watches. She refused the money, but made a suggestion:

Michelle Bucur: “’I help with the rescue, and if you’re willing to donate, it’s tax deductible. I can give you the link and the donation you want to make to us.

He donated to Wonder Paws Animal Rescue, but the amount was quite surprising: $10,000!

Paulina Claure, Wonder Paws Rescue: “We were speechless! We couldn’t believe it. We were in shock when we found out. »

Paulina Claure runs Wonder Paws with her mother, Patricia Lara. They just moved into a storefront in Fort Lauderdale and say this generous donation will have a huge impact.

Paulina Claure: “We have tons of medical cases every day and medical bills piling up, so it’s really good to be able to have that money to be able to pay our bills.”

Michelle’s adopted dog, Hunter, has just completed a series of expensive heartworm treatments. She is delighted that more rescued animals can now benefit from the same care.

Michelle Bucur: “What happens, circulates. I think if we keep doing good deeds and always try to help without expecting anything in return, eventually someone will come along.

For Michelle, it’s “eventually” right now. His good deed shows that timing is everything.

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