We-Fest 2022 – Disappointing Friday night for Miranda Lambert


We Fest 2022 had a great lineup as usual, and a lot of people were excited to see Miranda Lambert on that Friday night stage. Unfortunately, mother nature had different plans.

(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)


A storm was brewing over the Detroit Lakes venue on Friday night, causing, perhaps for the first time, the cancellation of a showpiece act. Friday night’s headliner Miranda Lambert was unable to perform.

In the past, the place has always been able to do a workaround; sometimes with the headliner not hitting the stage until 1am, but this year the weather just wasn’t going to provide that window of opportunity.

According to the article, We-Fest management said Miranda and her crew made sure to arrive early before bad weather, to be prepared for whatever might come; to ensure every opportunity to perform for his fans.

The article read: “Miranda was such a soldier. She sat in her bus until midnight. She was ready to go and got ready. Her group was ready to go. Unfortunately, the authorities spent l called, and we just couldn’t.” -Mark Bjerke, Managing Director of We Fest.

The good news is that everyone was evacuated well before the storms. Bjerke said: “Our evacuation plan worked to a T. Our team regrouped and everyone got out safely and in a timely manner. Everyone got to a safe place even before the weather. does not come near us.”

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Apparently the rest of the weekend went well. Luke Bryan was the headliner on Saturday night, and according to a reportIn the Detroit Lakes area, there have been several incidents as expected when you bring alcohol and people together in a party setting, but it’s all been sorted out, and overall it looks like it’s not. There were only a handful of idiots this year, and most of the crowd was friendly and enjoyed their time at WeFest 2022.

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