What glamping is like at Miami Lifeguard Tower on Airbnb

There are certainly more glamorous and more expensive ways to glamp — you could pay several hundred dollars for luxury glamping accommodation, reports Insider.

A glamping accommodation in northern Botswana.

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Glamping offers an ideal compromise for those who want to camp without actually sleeping on the ground, reports Insider.

bedroom inside a luxury camp in the highlands of Sri Lanka - stock photo

A glamping accommodation in the highlands of Sri Lanka.

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But I never would have thought that Airbnb would be such a great way to find such a unique and economical glamping experience. Now that I know, I plan to do it again.

Left: A view of a red, white, and blue watchtower Right: The author inside the tower with windows behind it

The author is seen at the lifeguard tower.

Joey Hadden/Insider

On my way to the tower located in South Miami-Dade Marina, my host texted me to bring bottled water as the water on site is suitable for showering, but not drinking.

A view of the freeway outside the property

A view of the highway leading to the accommodation.

Joey Hadden/Insider

My lifeguard tower was one of three available for rent at a marina, all originally used on Miami’s South Beach. The towers were moved next to a dock that I thought was isolated and secure, behind a lockable door.

A view from outside the property

The property where the tower is located is behind a locked gate.

Joey Hadden/Insider

Source: Airbnb

The location made me feel the sweet seclusion of camping without having to worry about my safety as a solo traveler. Also, I was able to sleep next to the manatees, according to a sign posted near a boat launch.

The boat ramp has a sign to watch for manatees

The boat ramp has a sign to watch for manatees.

Joey Hadden/Insider

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