What’s Missing From Wife Gabby Petito’s YouTube Channel?

Gabby Petito, a 22-year-old New Yorker, went viral online after being reported missing on Saturday.

The Long Island native disappeared while on a road trip across America with her fiancé in a white Ford Transit van.

They departed from Blue Point, New York on July 4 and were due to reach Portland, Oregon for Halloween, but Gabby’s last known location is Grand Teton, Wyoming.

Her fiancé Brian Laundrie returned home without her, prompting her family to launch a police investigation. However, Brian is refuse to cooperate with law enforcement.

Now, netizens are doing all they can to try to figure out what happened to Gabby, including taking a detailed look at her social media profiles and YouTube channel.

Gabby Petito’s “Nomadic Statik” YouTube channel

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What is Gabby Petito’s YouTube channel?

Shortly before setting off on a road trip, Gabby launched a YouTube channel to document her travels.

The channel is called Nomadic Static and currently has 6,000 subscribers.

Gabby only posted one video three weeks ago called “Van Life | Starting our Van Life journey”.

Gabby’s YouTube video explored

In the caption, Gabby said the video was “a glimpse into our van adventures.”

She explained that they once drove across America in a Nissan Sentra and loved it so much they decided to cut back on life and travel full time.

However, they didn’t want to do it in an expensive way, using AirBnB, so they decided to transform the 2021 Ford Transit van.

“We quickly realized we had to find a solution if we were to continue traveling and living nomadic, so we handcrafted our own minivan, a simple 2012 Ford Transit Connect, using the space with unique designs and features. Creating space for artistic expression and remote hiking,” she said.

In the video, Gabby put together a montage of different clips from the first part of their adventure, consisting of drone shots, beach and camping clips.

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Brian and Gabby are also on Instagram

Gabby clearly wanted her social media career to take off and urged people who watched the video to also follow them on Instagram.

She had also documented their van trip on her Instagram @gabspetito, with photos of herself in many different places across Ameica.

They visited Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Monument Rocks, Colorado Springs, and many other places before he disappeared.

Brian had also posted photos from the trip on his @bizarre_design Instagram account, and the couple seemed to be having an incredible time, making their disappearance even stranger.

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