Who remembers when downtown Rochester, NH looked like this?

“Memory, all alone in the moonlight”… if it’s not clear, I sing this song by Barbara Streisand:

We all like to get a little nostalgic once in a while! And most people feel like when they were growing up, that was the best time to be a kid. I know I feel like that in the 90s! The Age of Furbys and Butterfly Claws. I mean, what’s better than that?

Cliff Newton wanted to take a walk down memory lane by posting this photo on the “You know you’re from Rochester NH if you…“The Facebook group, and tons of people were eager to join.

Cliff Newton through Facebook

Cliff Newton through Facebook

He captioned this photo:

“Memories. When downtown Rochester was full of stores. Is your favorite store in this picture?”

When did downtown Rochester look like this?

Well, according to a few different people in the comments, it was from the 60s to the very early 70s.

A few observations from the outset:

  • Canopies are so classic and adorable!
  • The cars are awesome! This was when not all cars were created equal.
  • Did the Bell Shop sell bells? I feel like the answer is probably no, but I felt the need to ask.

People have shared so many sweet memories in the comments of when downtown Rochester looked like this! Some common memories:

  • Moonlight Madness Sales
  • Window shopping with mom at the Bell Shop
  • Woolworths had the tastiest fountain soda in the world
  • Young World was awesome and across the street was Roseanns
  • Don’t forget those of Sheldon and Shane
  • “Sidewalk Days” – street sales and special treats at Harvey Bakery.
  • Red Hayes directs the traffic

If you had to choose a store that reminds you of your childhood, what would it be?

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