World News | Poland seeks to restore interrupted gas supply to Russian company

Warsaw, April 29 (AP) The Polish government and gas companies on Friday tried to restore gas flow to some municipalities after a Russian company cut off supplies when Warsaw slapped it with sanctions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The supply cut was a separate development from Russia’s decision earlier this week to halt gas supplies to Poland.

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Government spokesman Piotr Mueller said Poland expected the company, Novatek Green Energy, to immediately comply with the request to make its gas pipelines available to Polish companies seeking to deliver their gas to the 10 affected areas, including the famous Baltic Sea resort of Leba.

Mueller warned that Novatek could face legal action under the country’s crisis management laws if the company does not immediately comply.

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“It all depends on whether this Russian company, linked to Russia, will cooperate in the right way…if the employees, acting on certain instructions, will not try to block this process in one way or another,” he said. Mueller said.

A subsidiary of a group controlled by OAO Novatek, the second Russian producer of natural gas Novatek was put on the Polish sanctions list earlier this week against 50 Russian and Belarusian companies.

The sanctions are aimed at curbing the outflow of money from Poland to Russia’s war chests. They come on top of European Union measures in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Polish gas companies PGNiG, PSG and Gaz-System say they are ready to deliver gas to the affected areas, but need Novatek’s infrastructure to do so. (AP)

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