Winners of Ocean City’s Night In Venice 2022

OCEAN CITY, NJ – It was a great weekend in Ocean City to celebrate Night in Venice. The authorities announced the winners of the decoration competitions.


Boat number, boat name, family name and theme

Best in Show 25′ and more: #258, Lusea Rose, Badagliacco, Elvis in Venice
Best in Show 24′ and under: #265, Heading West, Gillespie, Hungry Dogs Gotta Eat
Best lead boat: #202, On A Roll, Eni, Jay & Patty Wright
Best Commercial: #215, Beachy Tiki, OCNJ Watersports, Tiki Party
Best Non-Profit Organization: #217, Reel Fun, Reel Fun Fishing, CTEO

Best decorated 25′ and over
1st place: #268, Rafetto, Stand up for Ukraine
2nd Place: #298, Shanti, Toner, Roaring Twenties New Year’s Eve
3rd place: #294, Shore Bet, Mancill, Pirates of the Caribbean

Best decorated 24′ and under
1st Place: #256 That’s What The Sea Said, Young, A Tribute To Coach Jay Wright
2nd place: 309, Waterwheels, Wheeler, Fly Eagles Fly
3rd place: #273, The Crazy Q2, Quigley, Mummers

BD 25′ and more
1st Place: #251, Whiteside, World’s Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Comedian 24′ and less
1st place: #237, Finally, Marshall, Angry Birds
2nd Place: #249, Lady Grady, Foge, Thanksgiving Turkey

Musical 25′ and more
1st place: #231, Barracuda, Del Monte, Durning String Band
2nd Place: #209, Wrecking Crew Fishing, Duffy String Band
3rd place: #200, Only Fins, LaBove, Uptown String Band

Musical 24′ and less
1st place: #250, Foxy Lady, McManus, Patriotic
2nd place: #225, Little Whaler, Bergen, The Summer Mummers
3rd Place: #206, Jersey Boy Charters, Avena, South Philly String Band

Original 25′ and more
1st place: #307, Eliza-Gail, Higgins, Chips Ahoy
2nd Place: #285, Chef, Lojewski, Top Gun Movie
3rd place: #293, Marabella, Brands, Disco parties

Original 24′ and less
1st Place: #299, Scott Built, MacMillian, Truck on Water Supply Boat
2nd place: #292, The Everglades, Rizxo, PACman in Venice
3rd Place: #312, Brown Eyed Girls, Terry, Livin’ On A Prayer


#, Name, Topic

Area 1:
1st place: #65, Hornyak, Boot Scootin’ Boogie
2nd place: #82, Desrosiers, Irish Mummer Summer
3rd place: #78, Delibertis, Depp’s mad hatter

Area 2:
1st place: #132, Gabriel, This is not my first rodeo
2nd place: #120, Eni, Coach Wright Struttin’ Through The Bay
3rd place: #81, Haydinger, Dancing in The Street!

Area 3:
1st place: #143, Tamburri/Wolfe, Mummers in Venice
2nd place: #157, Colsher, Mama Mia
3rd Place: #109, Kelly, Kelly’s Summer Moms

Area 4:
1st place: #28, Hernandez, Pleasure Struttin’
2nd place: #42, Bellwoar, Par-Tee on the Bay Fore Night in Venice
3rd place: #52, Thornton, Mummers & Nova

Area 5:
1st place: #99, Thornton, Broad Street on the Bay!
2nd place: 88, Weber, Ballin’ at Ocean City
3rd Place: #159, Forte, Summer Mummers-City Hall to OC

Area 6:
1st place: #39, Chiumento, Mummering Dead VIN
2nd Place: 131 Myers, Flying High in Ocean City
3rd place: 117, Gifford, University of West Chester

Area 7:
1st place: #69, Miller, Top Gun
2nd place: #64, Juliana, Struttin’ Into “30”
3rd place: #156, Scanlons/Brandenberges, Jay Wrights Retreat

Area 8:
1st place: #118, Dorney/Hicke, Wonderland by Knight
2nd: #151, Kolea, Aloha Jay Wright
3rd place: #84, Michaelis, Ukrainian Mummers on The Bay

Area 9:
1st place: #92, Maxwell, OC is out of this world
2nd place: #91, Hoffman, OC Get out of the park!
3rd place: #71, LaValla, Flags on the Venetian Bayou

Area 10:
1st place: #131, Vaules, Kelce is our favorite mom
2nd place: 32, Church, Struttin’ On The Bay
3rd place: #13, Grégory, Mardi Gras!

Area 11:
1st place: #20, Huber, St. Patty’s in July
2nd place: #101, Ruh, Pirates of Sunny Harbor!
3rd place: #31, O’Flynn, Pirates Parading The Mummers

Area 12:
1st place: #72, Seeburger, Life at OC is flamboyant
2nd place: 154, Votta, Dino Dock
3rd place: #19, Cassidy, Mummer Summer

Area 13:
1st place: #80, VanStone, Let’s Celebrate Philly
2nd: #60, Rafetto, The Great Gatsby
3rd place: 140, Barnett, Oktoberfest on Bay

Zone 14 (Best Condo/Commercial):
1st place: #79, Harbor House, Peace, Love and Harbor Happiness!
2nd place: #77, Bay Club Condos, Mardi Gras at the Bay(or) Club
3rd Place: 17, Marina Mews, Struttin’ With Marina Mews

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