You’ll soon be able to get burgers at St. Cloud Area Arby’s


Getting a burger from a fast food joint probably isn’t that important, is it? Except when you’re talking about a place you KNOW has never offered burgers before?

Arby’s, known for its delicious roast beef, has been shuffling its menu for some time now. They not only offer their delicious roast beef sandwich options, but have added other incredibly tasty offerings including chicken and fish sandwiches.

Justin Sullivan / Staff

Justin Sullivan / Staff


Now they’re going to try something brand new, but for a limited time only. This is the first time they’re going to add burgers to the menu, and they say it’s not just any burger. According to CNNfor a limited time, through July 31 only, Arby’s will be offering “The Wagyu Steakhouse Burger” for just $5.99.

The burger will come with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onions, and a “special” burger sauce, all on a brioche bun. Arby’s says their burger is 50% BIGGER than a quarter pound from McDonald’s. It’s a big sandwich!


They say it will be the highest quality burger on the market! They say that instead of releasing a mediocre burger, they are going to position themselves to offer quality meat that deserves to be cooked well. Knowing that you are getting a high quality burger, are you at least going to try it?

The new burger will be made from 52% American Wagyu and 48% ground beef. Wagyu is a specific breed of cattle said to offer a rich, buttery taste.

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