“You’re NOT welcome!” Fuming neighbors block road warning Airbnb guests to turn around – World News

Homemade signs left in the middle of a residential street in an undisclosed suburban area warn people coming to stay at a local Airbnb they are “not welcome in our neighborhood”

The road block was made out of paper towels and left in the middle of the road

A disgruntled resident has resorted to setting up road blocks on his street in a bid to stop constant traffic from Airbnb guests.

The man went to extreme lengths to keep visitors away from the seemingly popular holiday rental in an undisclosed location by putting up DIY road signs.

Made of large A-frames and paper towels, one of the signs includes a handwritten message which warns: “No Airbnb traffic. Turn around.”

Another more personal sign reads: “You are not welcome. No!! Airbnb. Not in our neighborhood.”

The makeshift blockade was put up in the middle of a narrow street and has caused a stir online after a photo of the stunt went viral.

One person commented: “It would be weird living next to an Airbnb, but these signs are just… something.”

Another said: “If I saw this as a guest I’d laugh and drive around them.”

A third chimed: “Seriously. These people are being mean to whom exactly…the people trying to find their Airbnb?

Some social media users supported the move while others defended holiday rentals


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“I mean I’m also sure they’ve expressed their displeasure to the owner, but they literally put up a sign to people who are probably visiting family, on vacation, for business, or for something like a wedding or a funeral, and they put up a sign saying, ‘you are not welcome here.’

But opinion appeared to be divided, with others defending the sign.

Some warned that a constant flow of holidaymakers can “destroy” a neighboring atmosphere while others said “people just rent them for parties.”

One person said: “People buy up or rent affordable housing and use it to turn a profit while also introducing partiers to otherwise quiet neighbourhoods.

“Plus increase traffic, which is bad for commuters and any kids that may become speed bumps to people unaware that kids play outside there and don’t know the speed limits.”

Others said they would be more frustrated by the neighbour’s signs than the Airbnb traffic.

“Getting out of your car to move these every time would be way more annoying than party noises and traffic,” one person said.

An Airbnb landlord also joined the online debate and criticized the resident’s “outrageous” approach.

They commented: “We run a very successful Airbnb. No massive parties or big interruptions or problems in our neighborhood.

“We took a falling down eyesore and and turned it into a great house that people love to stay at.”

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