40 funny “antisocial memes” that can be associated with introverts

Many of us want to be alone and occasionally be alone with our hobbies and thoughts. There is nothing wrong with that. Your friends and colleagues may have invited you to a party, but you are currently watching Excessive Netflix and eating incredibly unhealthy snacks. After all, a long week has passed and you will meet your friends next time.

For some pandas, these moments of social burnout, isolation, and sometimes even the opening of caution can be very similar. Especially because of the seemingly never-ending locks we’ve had to face over the last couple of years. Na, Instagram Memos Instagram page has a lot of digital humor that will make you laugh and smile as jokes happen waaaaay too close to home.

Their memoirs are about what’s on our minds in our daily lives and about how we sometimes feel that all this is too much and that we want life to slow down, thank you very much. Dear readers, don’t forget to vote for your favorite memos! And we’d love to hear which of these photos you’re most associated with and why, so share your thoughts in the comments.

Boring Panda we contacted Maria and Lide, the administrators of the Associated Memos page, and we also contacted Suzanne Degges-Whitelicensed advisor, professor, and chairman of the Department of Counseling and Higher Education Northern Illinois University. Read both interviews about page history, extraversion, and why antisocial behavior is not the same as being introverted.

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