5 charming bookstores you can rent for dates or stay at

Do you like to be surrounded by books, even when you travel? And you have plans for a romantic vacation? Why not combine the two? Sounds hopelessly and incredibly romantic? Here’s a look at bookstores and libraries around the world that couples can rent for dates or staycations.

Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, Oregon

You won’t find any connection to the modern world at this hotel – TVs, WiFi or even phones in the room. The hotel was originally known as the New Cliff House Hotel and was renamed in honor of American author Sylvia Beach. It is listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. The beachfront library is a haven where guests can read while admiring the view. And their Tables of Content restaurant is a cozy place perfect for long conversations.

Address: 267 NW Cliff St, Newport, OR 97365, USA

The Open Book, Wigtown, Scotland

Have you always dreamed of owning a bookstore with your partner? Well, The Open Book in Wigtown is where your dreams come true. You can book a stay, run the bookshop and live in the apartment just above. With an Airbnb, you have the ability to organize and set your own prices for books while enjoying romantic nights with your date. Since Wigtown is Scotland’s national book town, you can expect plenty of other book cafes in the area. The place being unique, it is reserved well in advance. So if you’re looking for a bookish romance, we recommend making reservations months in advance.

Address: 2 High St, Wigtown, Newton Stewart DG8 9DS, United Kingdom

Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France

If intimacy is something you don’t mind as a couple and all you want is to be surrounded by books, then Shakespeare and Company is for you. In the 1950s, founder George Whitman came up with the idea for ‘Tumbleweeds’, which basically refers to the idea that everyone is welcome to stay at the place for free provided they read a book every the days and to help with the work of the bookshop. All tumbleweeds are also encouraged to write an autobiography so the bookstore will have a record of it – the perfect way to immortalize your love for each other.

Address: 37 rue de la Bucherie, 75005 Paris, France

Prairie Lights Books & Cafe, Iowa City, USA

This cozy little bookstore has hosted many writers, including Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, Sherwood Anderson and Langston Hughes in the past. With the help of staff and patrons who meticulously care for the books, much like a garden, the bookstore has flourished and become a hub for Pulitzer Prize-winning writers. date with your beloved.

Address: 15 S Dubuque St, Iowa City, IA 52240, USA

Head and Hand Bookstore, Frankford Avenue – Philadelphia

This one allows couples to reserve a space for themselves in a candle-lit, flameless dating space. And serves you a bottle of wine too. You can either bring your own food or have it delivered. What is a date without a gift? You can offer a book to your partner from the internal publications section.

Address: 2230 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125

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