5 must-try vegan restaurants in Central Europe

Cities around the world are becoming more vegan-friendly as people ditch animal products for plant-based alternatives. This movement towards a more sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle is widespread, and it’s easier than ever to travel as a vegan, even on the historic cobbled streets of Europe. I was recently traveling with intrepid journey, a certified B Corporation travel agency specializing in small group travel and a leader in responsible tourism, and we traveled through Central Europe to six countries. Intrepid does its best to accommodate dietary needs on all of its trips, including veganism, and its Real Food Adventures now include at least one plant-based meal. They also offer several vegan food tours, and even though I wasn’t on a vegan tour, my group leader was ready with suggestions for vegan restaurants in each city we visited. The beauty of Intrepid is that you have the option to eat at restaurants with your group, but you can also explore places on your own in your free time. I used my time alone to research vegan restaurants in each city and here are some of my favorites.

Prague – Share Sweet Bar

Came across this adorable vegan cafe while exploring before the tour officially started. Although Share Sweet Bar is more of a dessert place, they also have delicious sandwiches like vegan goat cheese on a bagel with basil pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. Their decadent desserts put a vegan twist on traditional European dishes, including cakes, pies, pies, cheesecake, tiramisu, lemon buns, cupcakes and delicious Kremeš. Grab an oat milk cappuccino or their new raspberry hot chocolate and take it with you to explore the nearby Old Town Square or whatever unmissable places in charming Prague. Once you’ve worked up an appetite for your next meal, Prague has plenty of all-vegan restaurants, including Italian, Middle Eastern, Asian, American, Indian, and European dishes.

Vienna – The LaLa

Vienna is also full of vegan restaurants ranging from street food, healthy superfoods, juice bars, vegan Viennese specialties such as currywurst and Austria’s first all-vegan Burger King, if you’re in the mood for fast food. For a healthier alternative, I loved it The LaLa, an all-plant-based restaurant opened by two vegan sisters who wanted to bring some LA attitude (and food!) to Vienna. This is the place for salads, protein shakes, smoothies and an assortment of healthy, freshly prepared vegan dishes that are also sugar free. The Hollywood Hills roundie (what we call bowls) comes with tempeh, hummus, veggies, crackers, and crispy chickpeas. But before The LaLa’s success, the same power sisters opened Veganista, an all-vegan ice cream shop with the philosophy of making the best vegan ice cream possible. They certainly hit it off with multiple locations across Vienna and some of the best and most outlandish flavors I’ve ever tried, including basil, maple pecan, matcha, and lavender.

Krakow – No Bones

One of my most memorable nights in Europe was the one I spent chatting with a nice local woman in No bones in Krakow on how she helped Ukrainians escape the war and come to Poland. No bone is literally a hidden gem, although centrally located, as you have to walk what looks like a secret path and around several corners to find it. Look for the fluorescent green sign at the end of the hall and you’re close. (Google Maps helps) No Bones’ specialty is Polish vegan cuisine and popular dishes included Polish cutlet with authentic dill and sauerkraut apple salad, pierogies and breaded oyster mushrooms. True to their catchy vegan name, they also serve dishes called No Feathers, No Fishbones, and a No Bones Burger. Take some animal rights literature on the way out or donate to help local cats and dogs at their charity box.

Budapest-Las Vegans

Hungary’s first vegan food truck has arrived after a day spent exploring Budapest. Vegans is the place to indulge in good old-fashioned burgers and fries, except entirely plant-based. There are several combos and burgers to choose from, including grilled seitan, mushroom patty, pulled smoked soy meat, or an all-vegan fried cheese burger. I picked up the Beyond Meat Burger with fries at Karaván food court, a popular outdoor street food court in the heart of Budapest with a party vibe.

Berlin – Chimney cakes

I’ve traveled miles to find Chimneys Cafe in Berlin and it was totally worth it. Everything in Berlin’s first Chimney Cake Bakery is vegan and if it hadn’t been for the friendly locals who told me about this soft serve ice cream paradise, I never would have known it existed. The delicious sweet masterpieces are prepared right before your eyes and their best-selling original flavor consists of vanilla soft-serve ice cream topped with cinnamon, sugar, caramel, brittle and strawberry. Other tempting options include Rainbow, Tiramisu, Chocolate King, and Oreo Chocolate. Who said dessert can’t be a meal?

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