9 Airbnb Wedding Venues That Will Make You Say “I Do”

Traditionally, weddings have been reserved for churches and day-limited rental grounds. The emergence of Airbnb has thrown another spanner in the work of celebrating the destination.

Today’s couples are redefining the institution of marriage, and Airbnb is part of the matrix. Airbnb offers vacationers the luxury of extending their weddings late into the night and possibly for an entire weekend.

From lakeside and seaside homes to castles and villas, here’s a detailed list of Airbnbs for the perfect wedding.

9 Luxury vacation home

Talk about Scottsdale vibes served hot. That’s what this Airbnb in Arizona is. One of the main drawbacks of most Airbnb facilities is the lack of sufficient capacity to accommodate many guests. Fortunately, the Luxury Resort Home is not one of them. This facility is designed to accommodate up to 100 guests, allowing couples to invite more friends over for their first celebration.

  • Location:
    Scottsdale, AZ

  • Cost:

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8 Torino, Italy

Elegant wedding venues don’t have to be limited to the Caribbean and America. Europe is also well represented. Torno is a villa located directly on Lake Como. It’s more of a lakeside celebration destination. We can say that the place is photogenic, thanks to the beautiful photos taken there. This venue is best suited for micro-celebrations since it can accommodate a maximum of 20 guests at a time.

  • Location:
    Torino, Italy

  • Cost:

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seven Villa on the Aegean Island

The Villa on the Aegean Island has nothing to do with ordinary outdoor celebration venues. It looks more like heaven. This villa is composed of three buildings intended to accommodate many guests at the same time. The villa is furnished with five bedrooms, which translates directly into an increase in the number of beds. The site has a converted barn that can accommodate an additional 10 people on request. The region’s stunning sunshine means that guests will enjoy every moment of the celebration.

  • Location:
    Eretria, Greece

  • Cost:

6 Wonderful House

Virtually every state in the United States has an outdoor celebration venue. Colorado is no different. He is legitimately represented by Wonder Haus. Located in the Pagosa Springs area of ​​Colorado, this home has a unique design that stands out in the area. Although there may be significant spaces to accommodate a small group of guests, the interior is quite limited. The house cannot accommodate more than four people per night.

  • Location:
    Pagosa Springs, United States

  • Cost:

5 Namu Lodge

Couples looking for a small venue for their big day in the US capital find a good one at Namu Lodge. Located in Leavenworth, the lodge has five rooms and ten beds. This space can easily accommodate around twenty guests or even more depending on their physical complexity. The lodge’s remote location separates the event from the chaos of the city. Plus, guests are treated to epic views of the nearby mountains through the window. The lodge’s minimalist and rustic properties are among the little things that make the celebration special.

  • Location:
    Leavenworth, Washington

  • Cost:

4 Ferndale Bardominium

Americans seem to have a fondness for converted barns. This place is one of them. Couples make different considerations when looking for venues for their outdoor celebration. Some want something minimalist while others want an excess of everything. For those who love nature, Ferndale gives a good dose. This venue is located within walking distance of the area’s hiking trails, creating great spots for wedding photos.

  • Location:
    Ferndale, California

  • Cost:

3 Dad’s hideaway

Mountain ranges, hiking trails, and lakeshores are widely mentioned when researching outdoor celebration venues. But why aren’t beaches as popular as other places? Regardless of what people say, beach sites are always a good option when looking for a convenient outdoor site. No place beats Florida on this front. As the name suggests, this place is indeed an escape from the curious public eye. There’s a lot more to enjoy here beyond the Key West beaches.

  • Location:
    Key West, Florida

  • Cost:

2 Canyon Hideout Cabin

Wedding celebrations don’t have to involve the masses. Sometimes doing it solo, or even better as a couple, will serve the best interests of both parties involved. The Canyon Hideout Cabin is a place that guarantees this privacy while celebrating its huge milestone. With one bedroom and one single bed, this place can only accommodate two people. The miles of hiking trails available in the vicinity of the cabin means that couples have ample outdoor space to explore for the duration of the party.

  • Location:
    Cortez, Colorado

  • Cost:

1 Fenton Tower

Imagine getting married in a tower built in 1570. That’s what it takes to have an extraordinary wedding. This piece of heaven is large enough to accommodate 12 guests, so it is suitable for a castle wedding. Couples will have a rare opportunity to capture photos worthy of a fairy tale.

  • Location:
    North Berwick, Scotland

  • Cost:

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