A Guide to Stranger Things Filming Locations

The new season of Stranger Things may take place in Indiana, Russia, and California, but that’s not where fans should go to see the actual filming locations.

The power of movie magic has turned these locations into the most recognizable locations of Stranger Things.

The famous Hawkins, Indiana is actually a town southeast of Atlanta called Jackson, Georgia.

Located just 40 miles south of Atlanta, the city offers big-city amenities with small-town charm.

The exterior of the store is used for Melvaldo’s general store “Stranger Things”. (Photo courtesy of DTours and Civitatis)

Visitors to Jackson can stroll through the Hawkins Center, where you can see Melwald’s General Store and Radio Station.

Other Georgia locations in previous seasons include Palmetto, Georgia, Bradley’s Big Buy, where Eleven steals Eggo’s waffles, as well as Emory University’s Briarcliff, which was used for filming at Hawkins National Laboratory. And several of the character’s homes in the show are actual homes that can be found in East Point, Georgia.

In the fourth season, the show goes to Russia. Eastern European country Lithuania means country. In particular, they filmed future prison scenes in Vilnius, in the century-old Lukiški prison.

The prison is now a tourist attraction and can be booked as an Airbnb.

In the fourth season, Eleven and the Byers family moved to California, but no scenes were filmed there.

New Mexico was the site of the Golden State. Lenora Hills High School is actually Eldorado High School. Filming also took place at Roller King in Albuquerque, while others were filmed in and around the small town of Los Lunas, New Mexico.

Season 4 of Four Things begins streaming on Netflix in 2022. May 27

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