Airbnb blocks overnight stays in Dallas over Memorial Day weekend

Airbnb prevents them from booking one night and two nights.

“We’re saying that if you don’t have a positive review history on the platform, you won’t be able to make a full night’s reservation,” said Ben Breit, Airbnb spokesperson.

Breit said the company wanted to prevent parties at listed homes in Dallas. It comes as city officials discuss new restrictions for short-term rentals like Airbnb and VRBO.

Owners have complained for years about security issues, parking congestion, litter, and noise.

Andrew Muras said Airbnb’s new rules do not address these resident safety concerns. He is the co-founder of TX Neighborhood Coalition. The organization wants cities in Texas, including Dallas, to impose restrictions on short-term rentals.

“That still doesn’t prevent parties. It still doesn’t prevent shots. That still doesn’t prevent crime. This is another empty promise from Airbnb that they cannot monitor or enforce,” he said.

Muras said he tried to denounce the parties, but “nothing was ever done”. He wants short-term rentals out of residential neighborhoods.

Airbnb rolled out this anti-party policy last year on July 4 and blocked 1,600 people from booking a vacation rental or homestay, according to an Airbnb press release. The company also has a global ban on all parties and events on Airbnb listings that prohibit gatherings of more than 16 people and disruptive parties and events.

More than 1,700 STRs are registered with the City of Dallas and pay a hotel resort tax. But opponents of the STR say it’s only about a fifth of the total in Dallas.

Muras wants more enforcement and accountability from Airbnb. He thinks the company should be responsible for verifying the identity and background of people who stay on the lists.

Airbnb has proposed a plan to the city that includes collecting resort tax from hotels and working with police and code enforcement to handle noise and party complaints.

City leaders will meet in June to present a new short-term rental ordinance and details on zoning requirements for short-term rentals for city council to discuss.

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