Airbnb steps up efforts to increase short-term rentals in multi-family buildings

Building on initiatives that have had mixed results in the past, Airbnb is launching a Apartments compatible with Airbnb program to allow long-term tenants in multi-family buildings where landlords allow it to list their rooms or apartments on Airbnb.

Sentral Wynwood in Miami participated in Airbnb’s new Airbnb-Friendly Apartments program. Source: Airbnb

For guests and hosts, one of the things the program aims to do is avoid the all-too-common situation where guests have to pretend they are visiting family of the host or a friend. close because the building does not allow Airbnb rentals. .

The latest incarnation of the program allows long-term renters to search for multi-family buildings that allow Airbnb short-term rentals, connect with building management and, like other first-time hosts, have access to experienced hosts to help get started on Airbnb and list their apartments.

“Renters interested in hosting a spare bedroom, or their entire apartment when out of town, can browse over 175 Airbnb-enabled apartment buildings, subject to availability, in more from 25 markets across the United States, including Houston, Phoenix and Jacksonville,” Airbnb said as part of the announcement.

The company added that tenants participating in this three-month, multi-family building program hosted an average of nine nights per month and earned an average of $900 net of Airbnb and landlord fees.

Airbnb has had issues with some of these types of arrangements in the past. Several years ago, for example, Airbnb allowed a Miami-area developer, Niido, to use the Airbnb brand and allow tenants to house short-term tenants, but other tenants felt caught out by arrangement, and Airbnb eventually sued the developer.

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