Alain, 52 years old, nearly 300 kg is still waiting for his evacuation

Alain, suffering from morbid obesity must be evacuated to be taken care of by a specialized center. But its promised evacuation at the beginning of September is falling behind schedule. The delicate operation must be supervised by the prefecture, but the services are struggling to manage themselves.

Alain has been living seated in his apartment in Perpignan for almost 4 years now. Morbidly obese, the man who now weighs 300 kg is cared for and fed by his brother, Jean-Claude.

Risks of collapse

Faced with this worrying situation, an evacuation was scheduled by the prefecture in order to place him in a center specializing in severe obesity. But the operation requires a lot of resources. To get him out of his home, an expertise of the building is essential. A crane will also be needed to get it out the window.

Additional problem: firefighters fear a risk of collapse of a floor or the entire building during the intervention. Indeed, the room located above a garage will have to accommodate in addition to Alain, 6 to 8 firefighters, a doctor, technicians, as well as equipment.

Administrative slowness

Since the beginning of the summer, the administrative services have been working on this delicate evacuation, but today nothing has been done yet.

The emergency services did not intervene, the prefecture did not take a decision. We cannot follow the logic of the communities included in this file. I wonder if we shouldn’t file a complaint for non-assistance to a person in danger. It is unacceptable, in our republic, after a year and a half, that it takes time to think and react.

Maître Jean Codognès, lawyer for Alain Panabières

The situation revolts today his brother and his lawyer, especially since three days ago, an apartment located in the same neighborhood was devastated by a fire. “There was a fire at a few houses by last Sunday, imagine if this house burns down. I’m ashamed for the Republic, we’re in a very poor neighborhood, and obviously the poor don’t interest the Republic“, says the lawyer.

For the moment, the work to enlarge the window in frontage has not been carried out. However, it is already planned that Alain Panabières be admitted to a specialized department of a hospital in Toulouse.

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