Yvelines. Strike of general practitioners: “Even working 24 hours a day, that would not be enough”

Almost 1/3 of Yvelinois have no attending physician. (©78news)

Since the start of the week, France has been experiencing a closely followed strike by general practitioners.

If it seems difficult to establish precise data, more than 30% of doctors in Yvelines follow-up to the call launched by the collective Doctors for tomorrow according to the Council of the Order of Physicians of Yvelines.

Patricia Lefebure is part of it. A general practitioner based in Limay (Yvelines) for 7 years, she is asking for a better attractiveness of the profession through an increase in the price of consultations, thus making it possible to employ secretaries or medical assistants.

“We want to refocus our activity on the medical field in order to relieve ourselves of basic or administrative tasks. Notaries don’t answer the phone but apparently it doesn’t shock anyone that doctors do. »

Patricia Lefebure general practitioner in Limay

1/3 of the inhabitants without a doctor

According to Patricia Lefébure, these hirings halve the consultation time. A boon when you know that the department of Yvelines is suffering the full force of the phenomenon of medical desertification. In Mantois as in the whole department, almost 1/3 of the inhabitants have no attending physician. “In Limay, we are short of 6 doctors knowing that two doctors will soon be retiring! “, protests Patricia.

Despite the strike, this unionized practitioner opens her office two hours a day to receive the most serious cases. This walkout remains for her the only way to move the lines after the first two days of strike without any government reaction in early December.

Today, Patricia is out of breath: “The situation is catastrophic. I refuse every day between 3 and 4 consultations, often polypathological people, who really need it. Even working 24 hours a day, that wouldn’t be enough. »

More than 500 emergency calls per day

This lack of general practitioners, Laurent de Bastard notes it on a daily basis. In the emergency department of the Franciscan clinic in Versailles, where he works, fragile patients accumulate on stretchers.

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If the triple epidemic of influenza, bronchiolitis and covid-19 does not help the situation, the closure of pediatric emergencies at Poissy hospital (Yvelines) combined with the partial closure of the emergency room of the André-Mignot hospital in Versailles (Yvelines), following the cyberattack, produced the critical situation.

“Les Yvelines is the most difficult department in the Ile-de-France region at the moment. Many children and elderly patients found themselves devoid. »

Laurent de Batardemergency doctor and vice-president of the Council of the Order of Physicians in the 78.

As proof, the number of calls made to 15 has increased by 900 to 1,400 per day since November in the department. Figures equivalent to those encountered during the peaks of contamination linked to covid-19.

The red line shows the evolution of the number of cases handled by the 15 since November.
The red line shows the evolution of the number of cases handled by the 15 since November. (©Samu Figures 78)

“Low cost medicine”

Certain systems such as the Care Access Service (SAS), a pilot project launched in Yvelines in 2021, make it possible to regulate the flow of emergency calls thanks to regulating doctors, of which Laurent de Bastard is a volunteer. Pediatric consultation slots have also been opened at the Poissy medical centre.

“All these devices are effective but are only patches, plague Patricia Lefébure. Everything had been predictable for 20 years. Today, we have to do “low cost” medicine, “crappy” medicine and we can’t do it anymore. »

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