New Year’s Eve in Toulouse. Drunk, a young man tries to rape a woman but he falls on a bone

A woman escaped rape following the intervention of a passerby, who overpowered her attacker, Saturday December 31, 2022 in Toulouse. (©Illustration/Adobe Stock)

New Year’s Eve was a hectic evening in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne. On the night of Saturday December 31, 2022 to Sunday 1uh January 2023, around thirty vehicles were set on fire, the vast majority in Toulouse, and the Bellefontaine police station, in Mirail, was the target of mortar attacks, also with bottles being thrown at the car park and the metal curtain of the entrance knocked repeatedly.

An attempted rape at the Arena

The police also had to work in the Arènes district. Saturday December 31, 2022, around 11:35 p.m., a 22-year-old young man was arrested after attempting to rape a woman in Agapito Nadal Square, in front of the metro line A exit.

A passer-by in a muscular way

Before the arrest, the harmful intentions of the young man had been quickly showered by the intervention of a passerby. “He heard the woman screaming and punched the man, who was already half-naked,” a police source told AFP. Toulouse news.

The victim filed a complaint

Drunk, the 22-year-old man was placed in drunk tank before being taken into custody. The victim filed a complaint with the central police station in Toulouse.


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