Fuel prices. In Cherbourg, motorists more or less ready for the end of the rebate

During the afternoon of this Friday, December 30, 2022, a queue formed at the Total Access service station in Tourlaville (Manche). (©La Presse de la Manche)

find thecheapest gasoline : the refrain of many motorists these last months. While discount on fuel prices provided by the State was 30 euro cents per liter of 1uh September to November 15, 2022it was reduced to 10 centimes from 16 November.

To pay 2023and this from the 1uh Januaryshe will disappear totally. Like the extra 10 cents granted by TotalEnergies. “Many of them are unaware,” remarks Emmanuel Lefrançois, manager of the gas station TotalEnergies ofEqueurdreville-Hainneville (delegated municipality of Cherbourg in CotentinSleeve).

Indeed, in this station, barely two cars were present during the afternoon of this Friday, December 30. “It’s the end of the month, people have prioritized their spending on gifts for Christmas. An observation noted by the manager, who on the other hand expects numerous interrogations from his clients on January 2. “This discount has become a habit. »

Whether in Équeurdreville-Hainneville or in Tourlavilleat the Total Access gas station, the two display poles mention the same price : 1.68 euro for the SP 95 E-10, 1.12 euro for the SP 98 or even 1.83 euro for diesel. However, the crowd was quite different.

“We can’t do it anymore! »

A waiting folder had formed with customers well aware of this change for the new year. “I have 300 kilometers of range left, but as it will increase, I’m taking the lead,” says Caroline, a Cherbourgeoise. Between the back and forth a Caen to the pediatrician for her daughter and the trips to get to work, this childminder can no longer find it financially: “We can’t do it anymore. I limit my movements as much as possible. »

The end-of-year holiday season also rhymes with vacation departures. This is the case of Abdel, a Cherbourgeois refueling the car he rented to go skiing. For him, anticipation was necessary:

I also filled up my personal car so as not to suffer the increase when I go home.

The government recently indicated that this rebate will have cost eight billion euros to the State. These subsidies on the price of energy will not, however, be definitively stopped since motorists with tax income of less than 14,700 euros – 2021 – will benefit from a aid of 100 euros from January 16.

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