Françoise Bourdin, best-selling author, dies aged 70

Françoise Bourdin was 70 years old. (© Democrat Vernonais)

The author Françoise Bourdin died at the age of 70, announces its publisher, Editis at theAFP. The writer, who has sold more than 15 million books, notably signed mano to mano, wet suns, A good person, So far so closeor his latest work Such a beautiful horizon.

In total, she wrote more than 40 books which each time sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Reputed to be discreet, Françoise Bourdin considered herself ignored by the literary world because of her style.

“The image of the popular novel is changing. There is no longer this contempt for the general public by certain media, and that is fortunate. Everyone’s tastes have to be taken into account. We must stop saying that successes are necessarily to be despised, ”she explained to our colleagues from the Democrat Vernonnais.

She currently lived in Normandy.

Start of career at 20

Born in 1952, Françoise Bourdin signs her first novel early, at the age of 20 with Wet suns published by Julliard in 1972. The following year, first success with Dim tall grassfiction which will be a great success and will be adapted into a television film.

Then she stops.

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The death of his father in 1973 upsets the cards. Françoise Bourdin feels the need to intoxicate herself with new sensations. There is this “devouring passion” for horses. In her small study, she kept a photo of herself at full gallop (and without a helmet!) on a track in Maisons-Laffitte. She also owned a Triumph Spitfire – a small English convertible – to fulfill her need “to go fast”.

His passion for writing will be reborn after the birth of his daughters, Fabienne and Frédérique.

A break of nearly twenty years, then, before returning in 1991 with Mano to mano.

She signed with Belfond editions in 1994, for The July Harvest. that day, she wrote about forty Since books and enjoyed great success since her works sold, in total, more than 15 million copies.

Telling the everyday

Rather than going into subjects far from her readers, Françoise Bourdin has chosen stories “that resemble us”.

The novelist with the slightly rocky voice of an unrepentant smoker had chosen to live far from Paris, and claimed to write “stories that resemble us”, centered on family stories.

“She draws her inspiration from the daily lives of those around her,” says her website. The perfect recipe for writing bestsellers that have accompanied millions of readers.

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