Alessandra Facchinetti creates the perfect breakfast set for Editions Milano

Alessandra Facchinetti’s collaboration with Editions Milano, entitled Circle, an artisanal collection of pristine white porcelain tableware, debunks this great myth: Italians don’t eat breakfast. “Well, no, it’s true, it’s not as huge a tradition as it is for the British or the Americans,” Facchinetti laughs. “But I’ve noticed that over the last two years, especially with Covid, we’ve learned to appreciate the everyday moments. I know so many people here who get up earlier to make time for lunch.

The Milan-based Facchinetti was actually invited by Editions Milano – a brand founded in 2016 to showcase the best of Italian home design, working with a variety of designers – to join forces before the pandemic hit, so that his creations took their time to come to fruition. Facchinetti has imagined a five-piece set that celebrates the breakfast ritual, something that’s meant to make us feel calm, collected and hopefully full. (I don’t know about you, but I do well at number three, but pretty much fail at numbers one and two at the start of each new day.)

Alessandra Facchinetti at her home in Milan. “Over the past two years…we’ve learned to appreciate the everyday moments,” she says of the inspiration behind her set. Photo: Simon171/Courtesy of Editions Milano.

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