Are the fries Belgian or French? Here is finally the answer!

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What is the real origin of french fries? Are they Belgian or French? A Belgian food historian answers the question and puts an end to the controversy.

Fries, are they Belgian or French? Belgians often claim the paternity of fries even if it means making them a national dish. Or the French by also eating a lot. So once and for all, who invented French fries?

Food historian Pierre Leclerc, a Belgian, gives the origin of French fries. “It is clear that the fried potato was invented at the beginning of the 19th century in Paris”, he explains to the media Raw. “It was born in the Parisian street, it was born in the hands of the Parisian street fry vendors. And they were the ones who made the fried potato the popular emblematic Parisian dish of the 19th century before this fries be exported to Belgium. So it is clear that the fries are of French origin”.

A Belgian says it: fries are French. But then why do we believe that they come from Belgium? Pierre Leclerc continues: “During the 20th century, the fried potato deserted the streets of Paris at the same time as it reached Belgium. And imposed itself in Belgium as the national dish. The Belgians therefore naturally believed that the fried potato was of Belgian origin”.

It is a highly controversial subject: who from Belgium or France invented fries? For the sake of objectivity, on a question posed to a Belgian historian. ud83cudf5f

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Initially, the fries were cut into rings. They took the form of sticks that we know about them around 1830 or 1840. A success which is undeniable and which has been even more popular by fast-food restaurants where their original name is “french fries”.

The French consume 52 kg of potatoes per year and per inhabitant. 62% of French people cook it at least once a week at home.

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