Arizona State University students struggle to pay rent in Tempe

As rental prices in the Phoenix metro have skyrocketed, some of Arizona State University’s best and brightest find themselves barely able to get by.

Garima Jain is an international student from India, working on her PhD at the School of Geographic Sciences and Urban Planning. Jain sometimes uses ASU’s student-run “Pitchfork” pantry to make ends meet, as well as to withdraw money from his savings account.

She received a stipend for her studies from college, but due to her F-1 visa status, she is unable to take a job outside of school and must live on her stipend alone for the entire year. school. Jain said this problem is common for international students, including many of his peers.

“Many of us have paid at least around 60-70% (of our allowance) on average for rent – ​​it’s only the remaining 30% that we use for all other expenses. And as a rule of thumb, there’s a standard that says (you should pay) 30% of your income for rent,” Jain said. “We pay double that as graduate students.”

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