Chris Vos from “The Record Company” talks about sports on The Drive

Music and sport go hand in hand. You always see athletes wearing their headphones, listening to their favorite music to get ready for their matches. And the musicians? Are they bloated when they watch sports? Well the guys at The Drive know a guy knows that.

Chris Vos, the lead singer of The Record Company, a Grammy-nominated band that dominates the airwaves on ESPN and many of your favorite sporting events, joined The Drive with Charlie & Dan today. Of course, rock musicians aren’t exactly sports experts, but Chris knows his stuff and it was a really fun conversation. Whether it was his beloved Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers or even Tom Brady, Chris was on top! You can listen to the entire conversation below.

It was very cool talking to the lead singer about the relationship between sports and music. He told the story of sitting in his coach watching a Green Bay Packers game when one of the band’s songs was played as they went to the commercial and how cool it was . We also talked to Chris about the similarities between being in a group and being on a sports team. It was a really interesting perspective that only someone in his place can really convey.

You can check out The Record Company’s new LP “Play It Loud” with “How High” which is one of the best songs played on ESPN right now. I saw the band open for John Mayer a few years ago. They are really good with great sound. They will be on tour starting next week and you can check their tour dates on

Chris Vos is a really cool guy and Dan and I can’t wait to see him again on The Drive soon. Musicians and athletes are just different shades of gray. They both have superior talent. They both must train to perform at an elite level and they must be able to work with others for their ultimate success. Chris Vos is one of the good guys and he gained a bunch of new fans today. Thanks Chris!

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