Court dismisses Paris lawsuit against Airbnb for illegal ads – TechCrunch

Paris court dismissed case against Airbnb, like Le Monde reported. Last month, the City of Paris sued Airbnb for 1,010 illegal ads. According to the town hall, Airbnb did not comply with the regulations in Paris.

Paris has tried to limit the effect of Airbnb on the housing market in Paris. Paris is one of the first Airbnb cities in the world. A few years ago, many people stopped renting their apartments in the traditional way in favor of Airbnb. The average rental price in certain districts of Paris has thus increased.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo did not want to ban Airbnb completely. Instead, the city asked hosts to get an ID number so the city could track the number of nights someone advertises their apartment on Airbnb. You cannot rent an apartment for more than 120 days per year.

But many listings still don’t have this ID number. The mayor’s office reported around 1,000 apartments, saying Airbnb was also responsible by dragging its feet.

But the court said screenshots are not enough to prove that these apartments without ID numbers are permanently available on Airbnb. Maybe some of these apartments are available less than 120 days a year, after all.

The case is not over, as it is only a summary judgment. But it looks like the case isn’t strong enough to condemn Airbnb.

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