Dallas Airbnb takes it back to the 90s

Jeremy and Kelsey Turner designed the space after creating an ’80s-themed spot last year

DALLAS – Of all the houses you could find in lower Greenville, there is one that looks like all the others. But come in and you’ll see it’s a blast from the past.

It’s called “The Slater” and it’s the brainchild of Jeremy Turner and his wife, Kelsey.

“I kinda wanted to take people back to their childhood if they had grown up in the ’90s,” Jeremy said.

Mission accomplished. Guests can watch “Saved by the Bell” in the living room or view a replica of the entire show in the dining room.

They can meet the Dream Team in one room and the New Kids on the Block in the other.

Jeremy and Kelsey created “The Slater” after designing an 80s-themed space called “The McFly” last year.

“I like to create things where when people walk into it they feel really happy and light,” Jeremy said.

Of course, the place is filled with the latest tech from the 90s, from movies to games and even cell phones.

If the guests are hungry, they can find their favorite childhood cereal in the kitchen. There’s even a Big Mac: Officer Big Mac, straight out of McDonald’s Playplace.

There is still more of it that we do not see.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you but I’ll tell you, there’s a secret room,” Jeremy said.

Anyone wishing to see “The Slater” itself will need to book a night on Airbnb.

To book a night, Click here.

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