Drone Footage – Demolition of the Twin Cities Southgate Office Plaza


This building was once a beautiful space, filled with busy office workers rushing to get their day’s work done. The Southgate Office Plaza in Bloomington was built in 1970. As far as buildings go, a building that stands 50 years old doesn’t seem that old to me. So why would the owners of this building decide to demolish it?


A article I found last January 2022 says the decision to demolish Bloomington’s Southgate Office Plaza came after changes in the amount of space businesses need to operate these days changed dramatically.

The building obviously wasn’t in high demand, but that doesn’t mean the land it sits on isn’t being considered for other uses.



As you make this journey in and around the ruined building, it seems like they are taking their time in the process, as everything around seems to be falling apart but no gigantic mess is made.

The real question is; once this building is gone, what will be built in its place? Is it going to go shopping? Apartments? Different style business development? It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months as the destruction continues, and I’m curious what the future of space might look like. But for now, take a trip to outer space with these amazing videos. For those who have been able to visit the building, it can be shocking to see something so majestic, can disappear in the blink of an eye.

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