Festival Eclats d’Email Jazz Edition in Limoges: the unmissable events.

Every year in Limoges, it’s the same ritual once autumn comes. The city is covered in gold thanks to the leaves of the trees flying away. A color that announces that of trumpets, saxophones, trombones. The nights become more intense, black as the notes of the pianos. For regulars, it’s much more than a season, it’s the announcement of an unmissable festival dedicated to Jazz.

the festival Eclats d’Email Jazz Edition will swing the city of Limoges. Jazz lovers point out that Swing and Jazz are not the same thing.

    • Jazz, with a history of more than a hundred years, has not finished evolving. This music comes from the Afro-American communities of the southern United States at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a free music, made of improvisations, and which feeds on many influences.
    • Swing is best learned at the Big Band, it is a Jazz genre born in the 1930s and which was very successful until the end of the Second World War. It is the adopted rhythm that makes it a dancing style.

So Jazz or Swing, whatever the festival, which begins on November 17 and lasts until November 27, once again promises a dazzling program in the capital of porcelain by adding notes of blues, soul and gospel.

Attention, once is not custom: this article is to be read with the sound!

For several years, the Festival has contributed to the artistic and cultural influence of our city by warming up our autumns and delivering messages of lightness, in an unparalleled pleasure.

Emile-Roger Lombertie – Mayor of Limoges

To take the roads of Jazz is to make an energizing stop in Limoges around the fabulous program of Jean-Michel and Elie Leygonie. A festival where all jazz have the courage to open new connections, to transgress harmonic languages ​​echoing the perpetual discovery of exciting emotions that make you move, snap your fingers, stamp your feet.

Alain Rousset – President of the New Aquitaine Region

Thanks to their work of passion, a varied and renewed program as well as quality animations, the organizers allow us each year a differentiating Festival, which promotes the discovery, the attractiveness of our territory and the enhancement of our specificities. Its essentially cultural dimension has now acquired a tourist but also economic vocation which we can only rejoice!

Guillaume Guérin – President of Limoges Métropole

We have not deviated from our desire and our permanent wish, that of making you happy at each of our editions. 2022 will have been, in its preparation, an accumulation of very beautiful stages.

Jean Michel Leygonie – Artistic Director and the entire festival team

Tatiana Gronti a “Natural Woman Strip”. Gospel singer, she is rocked by the music of Aretha Franklin, whose death affected the whole planet on August 16, 2018. Surrounded by singers and musicians, she pays tribute to the immense star by performing her greatest successes gospel, soul, blues but also jazz and R&B. This is a show to the glory of a legend. What better way to open the festival on Thursday November 17?

  • Second favorite this must for Tony Green which is loading on the scene of theLimoges Opera Friday, November 18 at 8:00 p.m.

With her, the memories of the Memphis scene are still very much alive, she is one of the last representatives. She was a highly sought-after singer but it was in the 90s that she finally decided to record albums with her name, solo. This daughter of a jazz singer and trumpet player knows and sublimates gospel and rhythm’n’blues.

Memphis is Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King (he was assassinated there) and now Toni Green who perpetuate the epic of black music that accompanied rebellions and hopes.

His last album Menphis made Should again wear it on the biggest stages, but before that, it will be in Limoges for a very awaited evening.

  • Our third favorite goes to Biréli Lagrene Trio. It will take over the stage of the Opéra de Limoges on November 24 at 8:00 p.m.

There are few guitarists that we easily associate with Django Reinhardt. Bireli Lagrene is one of them.

Biréli, Django: two first names, the same vision of the guitar to celebrate, in an imaginary tête-à-tête, this past of strings “à la française” which has never had so much future.

The Eclats d’Email team

It’s time to stop everything to take the time to listen to the virtuosity and talent of Biréli Lagrene:

With her, things are simple!

  • Favorite for his first French tour which passes through Limoges
  • Favorite for the elegance of the trio presented: Harmonica, piano, cello
  • Favorite for his remarkable compositions because of their remarkable quality

  • The last favorite is sent to a place that will welcome festival-goers and the curious throughout the festival.

The Embassy becomes the official Jazz Club of the festival.

No less than 5 concerts will enliven Limoges nights from 10.30 p.m. to 5.30 a.m.:

  • The Dustaphonics: Friday 10.11
  • The mecanic : Saturday November 19
  • Lazcar Volcano: Thursday, November 24

  • 112 Brass Bnad: Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November

France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine and .3 NoA are partners of the Eclats d’Email Jazz Edition festival from November 17 to 27, 2022.

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